OnePlus Nord N10 and N100 will only receive a major Android update

oneplus nord n10 n100 android

With OnePlus Nord N10 ed N100 the Chinese company made its entry into the mid-range, offering two economic models with prices suitable for all budgets. Yet not all that glitters is gold, according to the latest news regarding the updates dedicated to the two devices. In fact it looks like they will both receive a only major Android update and if the accounts add up ... users may not be very happy with this.

OnePlus Nord N10 and N100 will update to Android 11… and then?

oneplus north n10

Both OnePlus Nord N10 and N100 debuted on the market with the OxygenOS 10, based on Android 10 (detail that has already made some turn up their noses). Consequently, if they will receive just a major update, this means that soon they will update to OxygenOS 11 and therefore to Android 11. This is confirmed by a spokesman for the Chinese company, who reports that the two smartphones will receive a major update e two years of update related to safety. This is an online plan that the policies of various brands regarding the mid-range, but might not dissatisfy poco OnePlus fans.

Basically most of us got excited more for the arrival of the OxygenOS in the mid-range (or medium-low) that for the devices itself and knowing that you have a single card available could make the difference for users who are more attentive to software and updates.

Icing on the cake, OnePlus Nord N10 ed N100 debuted after OP8T (here you find our review), a flagship that peeped out with Android 11 on board. So already the launch with Android 10 was a blow, let alone knowing that the transition to the next version will also be the last major Android update. What do you think about it? Does this choice of OnePlus compromise your judgment or are you still curious to try the new mid-ranges?

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