The Singles Day 11.11 on Geekbuying brings many offers and initiatives

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In China, technologically and commercially speaking, everyone is now equipping themselves to face theNovember 11, 2020. And also the Chinese stores that sell here like Geekbuying they are not indifferent to the call of the Singles Day, which will be celebrated by the store with one Shopping Festival 11.11 with someone Coupon discount and initiatives with many offers.

Geekbuying Singles Day 11.11 Shopping Festival: here are the initiatives and dedicated offers

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The singles party is becoming for many, including Westerners, an opportunity to prepare for Black Friday, perhaps buying very interesting products that with the aforementioned Black Friday may not be able to buy. A very attentive store Singles Day 11.11 is undoubtedly Geekbuying, which has prepared a series of initiatives and Offers dedicated.

How he organized then Geekbuying your event for the Singles Day Shopping Festival 11.11? The Chinese store has set up a series of daily checks with many offers with Coupon code (which you find below) and then intensify fromNovember 11, 2020 for 3 days.

Often taking advantage of the shipping from Europe e Italy, Geekbuying could be for you with many offers with fast reception, so we leave you the link to the main page of the event that serves as a guide to Singles Day.

In addition to the dedicated Coupons, Geekbuying has set up a page dedicated to lightning offers most interesting that are updated day by day, of which we report the link to the dedicated page but also some examples such as i treadmill Xiaomi Urevo U1 e WalkingPad R1 Pro, Segway KUGOO Kirin S1 and rowing machine Merax.

Singles Day - Coupon Code

In addition to this selection of products, Geekbuying makes available for the Singles Day Shopping Festival 11.11 three profits Coupon codes, one from $ 3 on an expense of $ 30, one of $ 10 on an expense of $ 100 and one by $ 20 on a $ 300 expense that you find in the code box below.

$ 3 coupon
$ 10 coupon
$ 20 coupon
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