Why is Huawei investing in electric cars but not producing them?

huawei electric cars investment production

Having to remedy a situation that is not exactly easy and above all poco profitable for the international market, Huawei has started investing in a very particular sector like that of electric cars. But what many are asking is: why do you believe so much in an industry where it is not interested in producing proprietary models?

Huawei: The objective of the investment is to bring electric cars to the consumer world without interfering in the market

huawei electric cars production 2

To explain why investment it was a very important document that came from the Chinese ministerial bodies, which explains how Huawei started to focus on this segment when it was understood that the needs of consumers (the consumer world) have also spilled over into electric cars.

By increasing the complexity of these needs, Huawei he also understood that it is not the production of electric cars the ideal sales solution, but of components useful to production of the same. This is because competition with already highly integrated car brands would be quite deleterious, so helping them could bring much more revenue.

Hence, the investment in the ICT sector per Huawei is definitely something very profitable, especially with the strong integration of HarmonyOS for services Hicar, which will soon be one of the major systems of infotainment present on the market.

There is another reason, however Huawei does not want to invest in the productions of electric cars: in fact, for the Chinese giant the main and lasting one consumer product it remains and will continue to be smartphone, the main heart of every philosophy Interconnected IoT of the brand. Therefore, once the sanctioning problems have been solved, it could become a serious ally for various situations in the automotive sector.

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