Honor Band 6 vs Honor Watch ES: what are the differences?

Honor Band 6 vs Honor Watch ES differences what changes
Credits: Honor

Recently the Chinese producer presented the new version of its smartband at home, a device that is very different from the previous model (reviewed here) to adopt style and design in line with Honor Watch ES, wearable in fit version: but what are the differences between this smartwatch and the Honor Band 6 and what actually changes between the two? Let's try to answer these questions in the study / comparison below.

All the differences of Honor Band 6 and Honor Watch ES: here's what changes

Honor Band 6 vs Honor Watch ES differences what changes
Band 6 vs Watch ES / Credits: Honor

The image above clearly expresses the dilemma of many users: is it the same device? Are there minimal differences or are they two wearables twins? For the avoidance of doubt, let's start immediately by saying that Honor Watch ES comes as a slightly cheaper version of Huawei watch fit, borrowing functionality and design, but opting for some sacrifices. The comparison below helps to understand the differences between Honor's smartwatch and Huawei's.

Returning to the relationship between Honor Band 6 e Honor Watch ES, what are the differences and what changes? The "smartband" (we wonder if it is still the case to define it in this way) leaves behind an iconic design to adopt a rectangular display just like the ES model. A complete change of look, which also results in various interior improvements. Let's analyze the various differences point by point, using a table.

Honor Band 6Honor Watch ES
DisplayAMOLED touch unit 1.47 ″ 368 x 194 pixelsAMOLED touch unit 1.64 ″ 456 x 280 pixels
Sensorsoptical sensor + TrueSeen 4.0 (heart activity), TrueSleep 2.0 (sleep), SpO2, accelerometer, gyroscopeoptical sensor + TrueSeen 4.0 (heart activity), TrueSleep 2.0 (sleep), SpO2, accelerometer, gyroscope, ambient light sensor
Connectivity Bluetooth 5.0Bluetooth 5.0
GPSNot presentNot present
Battery / autonomy180 mAh - 14/10 days of use (depending on use)180 mAh - 10/7 days of use (based on usage)
MemoryNot present4 GB
StrapFixedReplaceable, 20 mm
impermeability5 ATM5 ATM
Sports Modes10 sport modes, automatic exercise detection95 workout modes with 10 sport modes and 85 workouts), automatic exercise detection, 12 workout courses (with animated virtual trainer)
Women's Cycle TrackerPresentPresent
colorsMeteorite Black, Seagull Gray, Coral PowderMeteorite Black, Coral Pink, Icelandic White (the latter not in Italy)
NFCYes, optionalNo


As it is easy to guess by looking at the characteristics in comparison, Honor Band 6 looks like a sort of minor model of Watch ES, with some waivers and differences. The è more small but it is still a color AMOLED unit: furthermore ES has theAlways-on, while the company has not specified its presence for the band. Another big difference concerns the "body" of the two devices.

Honor Band 6 vs Honor Watch ES differences what changes
Credits: Honor

The ES smartwatch - you see it above - has hooks for the strap: it will therefore be possible to replace the one supplied with others, as long as 20 mm. In the case of the smartband the strap è fixed and it cannot be changed.

Autonomy and sport

The wearables are equipped with the same battery da 180 mAh, but there are differences in terms of autonomy. The Honor Watch ES display is larger and consequently we have repercussions on battery life: nothing striking, but the device records up to 10 days with moderate use, while Honor Band 6 comes in at 14 days. With intense use it drops to 7 days and 10 days: obviously these are indicative data, but they still serve to give an idea.

As for the fitness and sports part, the band offers 10 sports modes and nothing else. Watch ES comes with 95 training modes and there's even a Interactive coach: to know more, here you find our review.

Honor Band 6 vs Honor Watch ES: price comparison

It ends with the selling price in comparison: Honor Band 6 is offered at approx 31€ at the current exchange rate (249 yuan); for the version with NFC the figure rises to 289 yuan, approximately 36€. The price of Honor Watch ES instead is - obviously - higher: approx 76€ in China (599 yuan) while in Italy it is sold at € 99 on the official website. Below you will also find the link to purchase from Amazon.

As for the arrival of Honor Band 6 in Europe and Italy, for the moment the details are still missing. As soon as there will be news we will update the comparison with the Italian price.

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