Chromebooks and tablets at the top in Q3 2020, and Lenovo holds its own in the PC world

lenovo thinkbook 14/15

This will be remembered as a very special year. Not just for the pandemic since the beginning of 2020 it has affected practically the whole globe, but also for what have been the socio-political changes. Maybe we haven't noticed yet but, for example, even in our country alone, things have changed a lot. There are now many more people taking advantage of it smart working, going to research a certain type of products to work from home. Many children, then, forced to stay at home, had the need to obtain some products for distance learning, including PC, tablets and much more. This is why this has led to a change in our habits, also in terms of purchasing technological products.

PCs and notebooks, sales down

Contents: GSMArena

Taking a look at the latest report from Canalys on the sale of electronic devices in Q3 2020, we note an interesting fact. All the various social changes, in fact, have changed the interest of users. In the last period, therefore, the sales of Chromebook e tablets has increased dramatically, with the first category having seen a growth of 122% and the second which, instead, increased by 88%.

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Not doing well notebooks and classic PCs, which only in the past few weeks have seen a decline in sales equal to 27%. Clear sign of a totally different type of approach towards these products by users compared to the past. Despite everything, however, Lenovo keep driving the PC market, having a 18,9% market share. It is not far behind, too Apple which incredibly in the last quarter scored a + 40,9 % in shipments of iMac e MacBook. On the part of the Cupertino company, then, the good news does not end there, given that on the market of tablets it knows practically no rivals. In fact, the best company in this sector is confirmed also in Q3, with 15,2 million units sold, remaining above Samsung and Huawei.

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