BlitzWolf BW-HL3 review: low-cost smartwatch, with SpO2 and blood pressure

blitzwolf bw-hl3
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Now you don't even count all of them anymore SmartWatch and of w present on Amazon, as well as on the main online stores. In fact, almost all the manufacturers of consumer technology have tried to launch their own wearable device on the market. We have reached a point, therefore, where competition is truly fierce. Despite this, there are many products that try to capture the attention of a good number of people, focusing everything on the quality-price ratio. Among these, therefore, we certainly also find BlitzWolf, which recently presented the new one BlitzWolf BW-HL3. It is an elegant smartwatch, made with care, which perhaps loses something only at the software level. Let's go and analyze it in more detail, however, within this one Full review.

Review BlitzWolf BW-HL3


As noted on all the other products of the brand, the packaging shows a rather simple design, with a prevalence of white and some green details. Within this sales box, therefore, we find:

  • BlitzWolf BW-HL3;
  • USB-A cable, with magnetic pins for charging the smartwatch;
  • short instruction manual, also in Italian;
  • warranty certificate.

Design & Materials

BlitzWolf BW-HL3 features a central case made of aluminum, the only truly valuable component on this product. The rest of the structure, in fact, shows parts in plastic, including the lower part where the sensor for detecting the heartbeat is located. Despite this, however, the smartwatch is not as light as one would expect, weighing it down 62 grams and measuring, among other things, 247 x 46,5 x 13,7 mm. Note, then, the presence of a 22mm leatherette strap, which is still quite comfortable to wear and does not create any particular discomfort. I believe, however, that in the summer this can increase the sweating of the wrist, being coated on the inside with a silicone surface. The latter, however, can also be replaced in a very simple way if necessary.

blitzwolf bw-hl3

I must say that the design it is quite elegant, also showing a circular dial with a metal bezel which certainly gives it a premium character. I cannot, therefore, absolutely complain about this aspect, as it is also quite minimal. Here, in fact, there is only one physical button on the right, which acts as an on / off button and which, in other cases, can be used to return directly to the home. Turning the product 180 °, then, we find the sensor for detecting heartbeat, As well as magnetic pins for charging.

I point out how this product is certified IP68, therefore it is perfectly resistant to water and dust. I tried to use it mainly in the shower and, in fact, it never gave me any problems.


Here resides a TFT in color from 1,3 " with resolution 240 240 pixels x, obviously equipped with touch controls. We can move inside the interface, therefore, through the usual gestures rather quickly. I must say that in this respect the smartwatch has always behaved well, resulting rather precise and fluid. Some more inaccuracies are noted in some menus, but this problem is mainly due to the software used.

blitzwolf bw-hl3

There is no sensor brightness, therefore this parameter must be continuously set manually. There are four different levels, so even in the evening it is not that difficult to set a rather low brightness. On a chromatic level, then, this product turns out to be quite convincing, with colors quite vivid and rich in contrast. What I disliked is the definition of the panel, which could have definitely been slightly better after all. Considering the price range at which this device is sold, however, I think we can be satisfied.

blitzwolf bw-hl3

Hardware & Features

I don't actually know what kind of SoC is mounted inside it, but this BlitzWolf BW-HL3 definitely offers a module Bluetooth 5.0. Connecting it with the smartphone, therefore, I had no problem. Despite this, this equipment appears to be limited but still in line with what is offered by the device. It is, in fact, an essential product, which cannot install third-party applications inside and which provides the user with everything they need.

Through this wearable we will be able to receive the notifications that arrive on our smartphone without being able to interact with them. In case the text of the message is too long, it is not even possible to view it in its entirety. Furthermore, not all applications are supported and some, however, do not show their symbol on the smartwatch. For example, Whatsapp is recognized while Telegram no. Beyond this aspect, however, I must say that most of the settings must be controlled with the smartphone, through the official application that we will see in poco.

Monitoring & Fitness

Unlike many other competing products, this BlitzWolf BW-HL3 offers a truly complete set of options. In addition to 24 / 24h heart rate monitoring, here we find theSpO2 and the calculation of blood pressure. The latter function, therefore, is increasingly in demand and, in some respects, increasingly rare to find on such cheap products. It is difficult to say, however, how precise and reliable these values ​​are, especially not having a professional tool that can prove this. Therefore, I rely on what I have found on other competing products, more about heart rate monitoring. Here, therefore, the device has proved to be quite reliable, never showing excessive and unjustified peaks throughout the day. The calculation of SpO2 also seemed accurate to me, which compared to Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro (find here the complete review) showed very little deviation during the various measurements.

Analyzing his abilities regarding the monitoring of sports activities, I must say that I have been able to try him in this period only during a simple one walk. Here, therefore, at the end of the day the smartwatch has always shown a 5% more steps than what we saw on Xiaomi Mi Band 5. This is not an overly large number, but it is still significant. This, however, is not precisely the only activity contained within this product. Here, in fact, we find Running, Cycling, Rope Jumping, Ping-Pong, Badminton, Tennis, Swimming. By activating one of these sports, the countdown will start and then, in a single screen, we will be able to view all our progress in real time. At the end of the activity, with a swipe to the right, we can stop it sport and through a summary page see some parameters. Obviously, then, on the smartphone we will have the possibility to view more data.

This smartwatch also offers the sleep monitoring, which is also always shown on the product itself. The BlitzWolf product, therefore, proved to be quite precise in this sense, always detecting the exact times in which I went to sleep and woke up. In this respect, therefore, it is absolutely promoted.


There really is poco to say about the software proposed by this smartwatch. Here, therefore, we first find the Italian language, which however has one translation rather questionable on some rumors. Beyond this aspect, the watch faces they can be modified, even via app, being able to choose from many different proposals.

blitzwolf bw-hl3

With a swipe down, starting from the main watch face, you access the quick toggles, through which you can adjust the brightness of the display and access the settings. By performing a swipe-up, however, you access the notification area, while with a swipe to the right you enter the various menus, such as a summary of your daily activities, heart rate, blood pressure, SpO2, Sport, the weather , messages, the stopwatch, the "Find phone" and sleep monitoring.


GloryFit is the application that BlitzWolf recommends downloading to connect the smartwatch to your smartphone. This app, therefore, works exactly like all the others, only with some differences on the graphic side. From this point of view, in fact, it is not exactly the best, also showing a rather approximate translation. On the main screen, then, we find all the main information we need, including the daily steps, the graphic with heart rate, sleep monitoring and blood pressure log. If you don't need some information of this type, you can delete it from the interface. Within each section, however, there is more detailed information on the various activities. I would have expected some more data, but I think it may be just fine for a person who is not too attentive to this aspect.

Below is the section relating to sport, where you can start Running and Walking. Inside the section called "equipment", however, we find all the various settings of the clock, such as the adjustment of notifications, the various gestures, calls and much more.


Under the body there is a space battery da 180 mAh which lasts no more than 5 days, obviously keeping everything active. In fact, I have not given up on the constant connection with the smartphone via Bluetooth, as well as receiving notifications, monitoring sleep and detecting heartbeat 24 / 24h. Beyond that, I also kept the display awakening with the rotation of the wrist active.

La full recharge it happens in about 1 30 hours and minutes, using the USB-A cable in the package and a 10W wall power supply.

Price & Conclusions

Blitzwolf BW-HL3 is currently sold on Banggood at the price of 33,99 €. It is, of course, not the best smartwatch on the market at this figure. Many, in fact, could go to other smartwatches, perhaps Haylou branded, while not improving their condition much. Even in that case, in fact, you will get the same type of performance, but being able to show off a less attractive design. I recommend this product, therefore, to all those looking for a simple and intuitive wearable, with few and essential functions and who, above all, do not need to answer calls and notifications. Those who are strongly interested in a product dedicated to sport, however, must turn their gaze to something more expensive.

BlitzWolf BW-HL3 - Banggood

BlitzWolf BW-HL3 is the perfect smartwatch for those looking for a simple and essential product. Buy it now!

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