Yeelight smart bulbs make their gaming debut with Razer Chroma

yeelight razer chroma xiaomi gaming lighting led rgb smart bulb lightstrip 1s

We learned about the way of living there smart home thanks to home automation and above all tointelligent lighting. Already with Philips Hue, but then it was the quality / price of Xiaomi, Especially with Mijia. But there is another brand that imposes itself on the market and is a partner of the Chinese giant: Yeelight, producer of the famous Smart Bulb (Colour) e Smart LED Lightstrip 1S, respectively bulb e LED strip Intelligent, which can now be integrated into the system Gaming RGB Razer Chroma.

Yeelight: Here's how to connect Smart Bulb and LED Lightstrip 1S with Razer Chroma

yeelight razer chroma xiaomi gaming lighting led rgb smart bulb lightstrip 1s 2

So how does this collaboration work? First of all, you need to know that Chroma is a system of regulation of LED RGB of various compatible devices, such as keyboards, LEDs for desktop PC cases, mice and monitors. Hence, the partnership with the ecological chain brand of Xiaomi, Yeelight, adds to the possibilities of Razer Chroma other solutions of lighting, just like the Lightstrip 1S LED strip and 1S Smart Bulb bulbs.

But how do you go about combining the two systems? First of all, the firmware dedicated application. Then, you have to download the plug-in Yeelight Chroma Connector, which you find a this link. Finally, again from the Yeelight application, the LAN control of the products must be activated. Such as? Following this procedure: Device -> device_name -> Other -> LAN control -> enable. After this is done, you will have everything connected to Razer Chroma.

Here are the words of Coaster Li, VP of Yeelight and Head of the Overseas Division: "Gaming and lighting have always been a perfect match. We are thrilled to have this partnership with Razer for Chroma integration, many of our users love to decorate gaming desks with Yeelight. We are now happy to take this to the next level with a more immersive experience!"

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