Xiaomi buys the shares of a home decoration company in order to improve the smart home

Interconnection between devices through and production seems to have no borders, especially for Xiaomi, which to expand its offer smart home has just detected the actions a Chinese company of home decorations in order to develop new smart products for the casa.

Xiaomi: this is how the smart home will change the purchase of the shares of the home decoration company Dongyi Risheng

xiaomi home decorations smart home

So who is the company that the Chinese giant has bought? There Dongyi Risheng, expert in the field of home decoration has yielded well 21 million di actions a Xiaomi for a value of 20.7 million dollars, thus becoming one of the main shareholders of the company.

Here is the official press release of Dongyi Risheng regarding the entry of Xiaomi in corporate mechanisms: "The company will leverage Xiaomi's broad presence in the Internet of Things (IoT) sector, as well as its accumulation in the home decoration sector and its digitization capabilities, to explore how it can integrate with home appliances to deliver. a smart life to consumers".

The framework therefore offered by this acquisition therefore allows a Xiaomi to grow their smart home products, albeit with Dongyi some collaboration already exists from July 2020 and as well as with ZMI, the company's products will arrive on the major sales channels of the brand, or even new products born between the collaboration between the two companies will arrive.

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