Xiaomi Mi 10T and POCO X3 have the new MMT charging: this is how it works

xiaomi mi 10t pro mmt

The introduction of the MMT fast charging is yet another chapter in the evolution of mobile technology by Xiaomi. For example, a few hours ago the announcement of the portentous event 80W wireless charging has aroused a lot of interest. Not to mention the I Charge Turbo at 120W record-breaking, one of the flagships of the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra. But if in these two cases we focus mostly on charging power, with the new MMT technology we also talk about durability over time.

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Xiaomi introduces the new MMT charging technology, on Mi 10T and POCO X3

MMT-type recharging can be found on three of the most recently introduced models: Xiaomi Mi 10T, Mi 10T Pro e POCO X3. On this triptych of devices there is a battery, more or less large, but always with support for fast charging 33w. This is not the highest power in circulation, but the aforementioned MMT technique takes care of the charging times.

The acronym stands for “Middle Middle Tab“, an acronym that indicates the technique used to refuel these batteries. Usually, a battery is recharged starting from one end, “filling” it to the other end and this results in a slowdown. You've probably already noticed it yourself: even with the fastest charging available, it takes much less to go from 0% to 10% than from 90% to 100%. There is a very specific reason why this happens: the batteries we have on smartphones need a drop in current when they are filling up. Otherwise, malfunctions or even battery failure could occur.

Middle Middle Tab Technology

Here's a secret about # Mi10TPro's powerful battery: Middle Middle Tab technology. MMT charges the battery from the middle, so a battery as big as 5000mAh will charge faster than normal batteries as electric currents travel in shorter paths.

Posted by Xiaomi on Tuesday, 13. October 2020

On the contrary, the MMT technique that we find on Xiaomi Mi 10T, Mi 10T Pro and POCO X3 works differently. Instead of starting from one extreme, the electric current starts from the middle and flows towards the two extremes. This allows the Mi 10T series to charge its own 5.000 mAh in 60 minutes and at X3 to employ 65 minutes for his 5.160 mAh. With this technique, charging can be delivered at a more constant rate, as well as extending the longevity of the battery.

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