The new smart toilet from Xiaomi and DIIB is controlled by voice

xiaomi diib smart cabinet

You read the title correctly: cooperation between Xiaomi e DIIB a new model is born Smart toilet with voice commands. It was only a matter of time before someone decided to bring this functionality into an unsuspected product category like this. Debuting on YouPin, its purpose is to remain as hygienic as possible, no longer necessarily having to interact with your fingers.

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Xiaomi and DIIB launch the new smart toilet with support for voice commands

As you can guess from the not exactly modest price, this smart toilet by DIIB includes a strong dose of technology inside. Starting from the possibility of warm up tablet e cup, making its use even more comfortable. The hot air not only allows you to stay warm, but also thedrying after the bidet-style washing procedure. Inside, in fact, there is the nozzle from which the water jet to clean the private parts after completing their needs.

All these steps take place through voice commands, while it is automatic flushing it is activated when you get up from the tablet. Alternatively, you can activate it by voice or by foot sensors. Always with the voice it is possible to raise and lower the tablet, which is also able to do it autonomously with a special proximity sensor. To give you more convenience, DIIB has also implemented a external panel, a sort of “transparent” tablet with LED display to control the toilet. A small display is also present in the fixed part of the toilet (customizable in colors), while on the side there is a push-button panel with basic commands in case you need them.

The smart toilet produced by DIIB is available on the Xiaomi YouPin crowdfunding platform at a price of 2.288 yuan, equal to approximately €287. Once the crowdfunding phase is over, the price will rise to 3.599 yuan, equal to about € 452.

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