vivo Italia has an official launch date: that's when it will debut

The Chinese company is ready to make its big debut in Italy: after the opening of the official Instagram page here finally comes the confirmation of the presentation event of live in our country. As expected given the social landing, the launch is scheduled for the month of October, hopefully with a debut full of surprises for users!

vivo arrives in Italy: all the (very first) details on the presentation event for our country

I live Italy

The presentation event of I live Italy is set for the 20 October 16 hours. At the moment we don't know anything else and everything is still shrouded in mystery. As soon as we know more and have more details to share, we will not fail to inform you. As for us of, we'll take part in the presentation and we're just as curious as you are!

Obviously it is legitimate to imagine the launch of one or more smartphones for Italy and the most eligible candidates are the models of the series X50: the top of the range with camera Gimbal it certainly looks like an excellent business card. Also the devices of the V20 family certainly not joking (three respectable mid-ranges) and the elegant X50e it could instead represent an excellent card to entice users with a different style than usual and it is Snapdragon 765G.

As already pointed out, for now there are no precise details but the imagination is free to gallop. What do you think of the event of I live in Italy? What smartphones will be arriving for our country? Let us know in the comments! Also, before we leave, we invite everyone fan and those interested, to take part in our brand new community on Telegram!

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