Huawei and Samsung are warned: tablet market in decline, only one company wins


Since i tablets have come out on the market, their usefulness has always been the subject of debate. Halfway between PC and smartphone, they have not been able to evolve as they should have, remaining a middle ground really appreciated by few. Only Apple, at the moment, it seems to fully convince in this respect, evolving this product more and more and bringing it to be, in fact, almost a laptop. What should we expect in future, however, from this sector?

From 2021 to 2025 there will be a decline of 10,5%

According to the latest data published by Digitimes, the collapse of the tablet market appears to be irreversible. Already only in the next year, most likely, there will be a drop in sales of these products equal to 10,5%, a real disaster for the sector. Some brands, including Samsung e Huawei, they continue to develop tablets, even high-end ones, to try to attract as many users as possible, but it doesn't seem to work. In the Android field, in fact, this market has already almost disappeared.

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We will move to very specific sectors, especially those dedicated to the world of work and dell 'education. All other categories, therefore, will no longer be interested in products of this type. Apple, however, does not seem to think so at all, given that every year it engages in the development of increasingly powerful and flexible models, able to sometimes compete even with higher-end PCs. So, is the tablet market really destined to die?

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