Simbans TangoTab 2in1 review: a tablet for every day, with excellent autonomy

tangotab 2in1

Although the data show a not too positive trend, the tablets continues to attract several companies. Even in the Android field, in fact, some brands continue to produce these devices, always adopting new solutions. Taking a quick look on Amazon, for example, it is possible to come across a large number of tablets of all kinds, both with Windows and with Android. Among the latter, therefore, you might have already seen Simbans TangoTab 2in1, a device that, if necessary, can be transformed into a real PC for every need. However, it is not a well-known brand, so many could be prevented. So I'll explain how it works and what are its main features within this Full review.

Simbans TangoTab 2in1 Review


Looking at the sales package we notice that this is rather large, much more voluminous than the product itself. Inside the box, therefore, we find:

  • Simbans TangoTab 2in1;
  • wall power supply, with different adapters for various standards;
  • USB / microUSB cable, for charging the product;
  • short instruction manual, also in Italian;
  • power supply cable;
  • keyboard with magnetic pins and American layout;
  • sticker with Italian layout.

Design & Materials

From the point of view of the design, looking for a moment only the tablet, we do not find any particular sign. Here, therefore, the whole structure is made of plastic, with the back also showing a matte finish, almost rubberized, really pleasant to the touch. You will just have to be a little more careful not to damage it, however, because even the slightest sign, or scratch, is very visible. However, it is not inconvenient to use, as its dimensions more or less respect those of a product of this type, measuring only 260 x 173 x 10 mm, with a weight of approx 600 grams (without keyboard).

tangotab 2in1

It could also have been smaller, after all, if only the company had thought of further reducing the side frames. It did not, however, perhaps only for one reason, that is to leave more space for all the components that characterize this product. Unlike other Android tablets on the market, in fact, here there are several doors and entrances along the right frame. We therefore have the audio jack 3,5mm, one port microUSB, the entrance mini HDMI, a door USB-A, the hole for the power cable and a slot for microSD. On the upper part, however, we find thel on / off button and volume balance. Finally, I would like to point out the presence of the magnetic pins at the bottom, which are used to connect the keyboard.

tangotab 2in1

It is not the best product in terms of construction, because there are still some defects. Beyond the cost of the device, which I will talk about later, along the corners you notice some creaking too many, a sign that the assembly is not exactly at the highest levels. Despite this, however, it did not give me the impression of having to break at any moment. There is no shortage, however, too two cameras, one from 5MP on the back and the other from 2MP.

Keyboard & TrackPad

Obviously, being a 2in1 tablet, the keyboard it is removable. Here, however, the brand has seen fit to introduce a solid component, much more bulky than the keyboards that we may have been used to seeing on other products, such as Apple's iPads. When we go to connect it to the tablet, therefore, one has the feeling of being in front of a real laptop, of modest size.

tangotab 2in1

This is also made entirely of plastic, showing the same matte finish as the back of the tablet. When connected to the latter, an LED lights up on the top, indicating that the connection has been made. I was not too satisfied, however, with the hinge on which the tablet is fixed, because it goes alone poco beyond 90 ° of inclination, so even on a common desk it is rather uncomfortable. Beyond that, however, the overall experience with the product isn't bad. Although the keys are small and poco spaced out, with a little habit, after time, you can write pretty well, without making too many mistakes. Keep an eye on the trackpad central which, in addition to being too small, is also poco sensitive. Therefore, I recommend using the touchscreen surface of the tablet much more often to move around the interface.


TangoTab 2in1 mounts a da 10,1" with resolution 1.280 800 pixels x, showing, as already mentioned, rather generous frames. It would be almost superfluous to specify it, but it is certainly not the best tablet to follow the TV series on Netflix or to watch a movie. With such a low resolution, in fact, it lends itself more to other operations in my opinion, especially in the workplace. It is no coincidence, in fact, that some applications dedicated to a certain type of users, such as Microsoft Word ed Excel. Therefore, I must say that on these programs it is just at ease, managing to offer excellent performance, from all points of view.

tangotab 2in1

In spite of everything, however, i colors they are discreet but, unfortunately, a brightness sensor that can automatically adjust this parameter. Beyond this, then, even by setting the maximum value, you hardly see anything under direct sunlight, also due to too much glass poco oleophobic which certainly does not help in such a context.

Hardware & Performance

I didn't find any information on the official website, but I finally managed to figure out what was mounted inside it. Here, therefore, SoC finds space MediaTek MT8168, therefore, a component with a 53GHz quad-core ARM Cortex-A2.0 CPU, supported by one GPU Mali-G52 da 800 MHz. We find, then, at least on this version, 4GB RAM e 64GB of internal memory. Everyone is talking about a 3GB model, as far as RAM is concerned, but this figure always appears from all the tests carried out and from the various benchmark apps, so let's take it for granted.

In daily use, carrying out the activities that most compete with it, it does not behave badly at all. It is not very fast and super responsive, but still manages to perform a few operations together in a rather excellent way. As mentioned, then, due to the resolution of the display, it does not lend itself to much multimedia, but this does not mean you will be prohibited from watching movies, TV series and so on. Just be satisfied and, especially on the move, it can be quite useful. I find it suitable, therefore, much more for those who daily have to manage worksheets in Excel, who must necessarily create some PowerPoint presentation, or more simply for those who write a lot, using Word or other similar platforms.

Beyond all this, however, it is also possible to have fun with some more frivolous and less demanding games from the point of view of performance. With titles that require a little more effort, however, like Asphalt 9 performances drop dramatically, not allowing you to fully enjoy all the contents.



TangoTab 2in1 shows Android 10, practically in stock version, naked and raw. There is no type of customization, neither in terms of graphics, nor in terms of options. So there really is poco to say about it, except that there are some small bugs and that theinterface it is rather sparse. Many of Google's applications, among other things, are not even pre-installed, but we find, instead, some programs of the office package, such as Word and Excel. Do not worry, however, because although products of this type come from China they are not subject to any ban, so just go to the Play Store and you're done.

As I often say in these cases, especially when I dedicate myself to reviewing products of this type, the security patches dating back to June 5 2020, in my opinion they should not alarm. I don't honestly know if the brand will update this product from time to time but, beyond that, just avoid using it almost as if it were a real main PC, inserting bank accounts, cards and things like this inside it. guy.

Camera & Video

I only talk briefly about its two sensors, namely the rear lens from 5MP and the front webcam from 2MP. I must say the photos are good, always considering the type of product we are talking about.

Obviously, however, it is not really a device designed for this, it seems obvious to me, so I mainly put it to the test during some video calls on Skype or Whatsapp, testing both the graphic quality and the audio. I was not too satisfied, however, with the results obtained, with images rich in photographic noise and so, poco detailed. Even the audio, that coming from the microphone, is not enough at all, resulting low and sometimes metallic and poco clear. But this is a problem that mainly arises when you are online, during a video call.

Audio & Connectivity

Total absence of bass and too much volume poco high. These are the two main features, unfortunately not entirely positive, that I found on this tablet. That said, therefore, it is clear how the sound be a lot poco full-bodied, also because the audio comes out only from a single source, located on the right side of the device. When you play, then, if you hold the device on the wrong side, you risk completely blocking this area with your hands, thus obtaining the almost total absence of sounds.

About the connectivity we are, however, on a good level. Here, in fact, a module finds space Wi-Fi a double band which, despite the expectations, works well even in the usually most difficult parts of the house. There are not many specifications reported on the official website but, among other things, we also find the Bluetooth 4.0, GPS.


I do not have precise data on the battery, which should be, however, on the 5.500 mAh. Beyond this data, therefore, they are also able to complete 5-6 hours of screen lit. continuously, without too much effort. Obviously using only apps like Word, Google Drive and, in short, everything you need to work in complete autonomy. In case you have to put more effort into the machine, maybe even with some video games, the duration would drop drastically. I've never used it continuously for that long, though, so I can tell you that the battery life is pretty good with normal use.

Taking advantage of the microUSB input and the 5V / 2A power supply, it took me no less than 3 hours to fully charge the tablet.

Price & Conclusions

Simbans TangoTab 2in1 is currently sold on Amazon a 169 € about. Therefore a rather low figure, considering all that is offered. Not only the tablet, but also a support keyboard with which to work better.

By now there are many tablets on the market, but those that really count for something in this market are few. Not everyone, however, is looking for a product of this type to edit videos, to produce music or anything else, but simply because they are looking for a multimedia device that can replace the home TV or desktop PC in some cases. All those people who are looking for such a product, therefore, will be happy to take home this TangoTab 2in1, especially at such a low figure. Some time ago I had the opportunity to review the Dragon Touch K10, remember? Well, in this price range, now, I recommend ditching that product and heading for this one. It is a solution that is more suitable for all the needs of a family, much more versatile.