1More True Wireless ANC review: at the top of active noise cancellation!

review 1more true wireless anc earphones tws in-ear bluetooth headphones

Anyone today has a wireless device at home, powered by Bluetooth. And almost everyone today has some wireless headphones, of any band of price. But it is clear that not all earphones react in the same way, or rather they work in the same way. And this is the case with the products of 1More, a Chinese company now a leader in the sector audio, which for years have been aiming to be the alternative in headphones o wireless earphones to brands that have made history such as BOSE, Sennheiser and today Apple, considering the AirPods Pro.

With these brands, 1More collides in the sector of in-ear Bluetooth wireless earphones, thanks to the new ones TWS True Wireless ANC that we have on test in this review, will it be able to take the quality to a higher step?

1More True Wireless ANC review: the Bluetooth earphones born from the hands of Grammy-winning sound engineers

Package Contents

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More than looking at what's inside package of 1More True Wireless ANC in-ear earphones, we should stop at what is there box of the same. It tastes professional as soon as you look at it and above all you open it, with i sketches design under the magnetic lid and attention to detail in everything else.

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Inside, in any case, nothing is missing: obviously besides the Bluetooth headphones and the homes, are present rubbers of all sizes both for the auricles, both for the supports and for the entrance cones. There is also a comfortable one bag where the USB Type-C cable. Present a full-bodied manuals Multilingual.

Design and materials

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Certainly not wireless headphones smallest on the market, the 1More True Wireless ANC Bluetooth Earphones have a design modern, well-kept and in itself refined materials. Also the charging cover it is made in a very fine way, although it is all in all very simple. We liked it a lot because it has that feeling of aluminum although it is polycarbonate (of great quality). The rubbery-velvety gem in the lower part is beautiful.

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Returning to the earphones 1More Bluetooth, they are conspicuous to wear, but they are comfortable to wear. A little tip: select the grommet perfect ear cup for your ear, or you might escape. There are also function keys and touch surface useful for the noise cancellation.

Smart functions

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Simple, but concrete: the 1More True Wireless they move through the click of the two function keys: With double click you can both answer and end a call e Play / Pause, while with a click single raises or lowers the volume depending on whether you click on the right or left earphone. Three taps on the Bluetooth earphones will lead you to activate voice assistants such as Google Assistant, Siri and XiaoAI. Holding down for 2 seconds you go from one track to another. Then holding down for a few more seconds, the pairing takes place, really fast.


I touch touch then, they concern theANC, because you can adjust the size of the noise cancellation from total to partial, to minimum or deactivate it.

As for the dedicated app, it is as if it were not there, given that the beautiful application di 1More it only serves to equalize and burn-in your headphones, convenient when you want to adjust them for the first time.

Audio Quality - 1More True Wireless ANC

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And let's get to the most interesting part of these 1More True Wireless ANC. The wireless earbuds have professional sound, made by real professionals (these headphones have been designed together with Luca Bignardi, winning sound engineer of Grammy Awards). The volume is not very high, but the sound it never loses its shine, it's not there delay as often happens with this type of product.

La sound quality however, it is something that certainly goes beyond: cleanliness, recognizability of bassi very important, average level and excellent highs, although as anticipated the volume is not high even at the maximum, but not everyone is a defect.

In call then, the quality is really high: those who talk to us hear very well, as do we who listen, but the fact that the volume not so high may not be the best in motion. But rest assured that this was never a problem during the test.

Finally, as regards theANC, we can say that noise cancellation does a really good job, in all three modes, the satisfaction of removing all those annoying noises is obvious and we believe it is difficult to find a cancellation of this type also in others headphones o earphones in range of price similar.

Here is the complete datasheet of the 1More True Wireless ANC wireless earbuds:

  • Bluetooth 5.0 compatible with protocols HFP/A/A2DP;
  • 3 microphones equipped with noise canceling e CVC;
  • Three modes of use: ANC, music and transparency;
  • Technology Qualcomm aptXANC e CVC;
  • Technology TrueWireless Stereo Plus;
  • chip Qualcomm that supports aptXAAC;
  • Transmission distance of 10 meters;
  • Certification IP45;
  • Dynamic graphene driver;
  • Impedance of 32Ω;
  • Headphone dimensions: 38 x 18 x 28.5 mm;
  • Case Dimensions: 81.32 x 30 x 38.5mm;
  • Net weight of the headphones: about 7.9 grams;
  • Net case weight: about 63.2 grams;
  • Headphone battery 55 mAh;
  • Case battery 410 mAh.
  • Qiç wireless charging compatibility
  • Dedicated Hi-Res DSP.

Battery life

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La battery da 55 mAh of the 1More True Wireless ANC headphones does its job and substantially respects the indications of the brand regarding theautonomy. We tested them with switches between various devices, with active noise cancellation, at maximum volume and for hours (about 5/6). In summary, the Bluetooth wireless earphones di 1More they are more than satisfactory.

Selling price - 1More True Wireless ANC

We come then to the question of the price of these Bluetooth headset 1More True Wireless ANC: we are in the range of 180€ su Amazon, which also allows you to get excellent discount di 15€ thanks to Coupon which you will get by clicking on "Apply Coupon“, This up to October 14 2020. Once this is done, you will pay for these 1More wireless headphones 165€, a decidedly competitive price compared to the competition.


What they convey 1More True Wireless ANC Bluetooth headphones it is clear: the professionalism of those who worked on it is tangible. They are an audio product, it would be almost a shame to use them for sports, but they do that too. Active Noise Cancellation is, let us take a closer look, exemplary and is done as it has always been intended.

They are big, even eye-catching and elegance is not their forte, but the Qualcomm chip and all the other features make the headphones wireless 1More something that is worth at least trying, but also worth buying: rather than spending on one-off solutions price less expensive but also less lasting, an expense framed as for these Bluetooth headset it is ideal for a quality product over time.

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