Realme style champion: the design of the X50, X50 Pro, X2 Pro, X and Buds Q brings a lot of rewards

realme x50 pro x2 x buds q awards good reddot design

One of the most important goals that Realme has set itself is certainly to excel in the style of its devices. Precisely for this reason, the presence of ben is hardly surprising 4 smartphone who have won awards for the design, as Realme X50, X50 Pro, X2 Pro, X and TWS Buds Q headphones.

Realme: the X50, X2, X and Buds Q series at prize with GDA, Reddot and Good Design

I awards won by Realme come from the highest authorities in terms of design in the field of technology. Just think that Realme X50 Pro was awarded by Good Design e golden pin just for how it is structured, for its aesthetics. Turning to X50, reviewed a few months ago, Master Edition he convinced Good Design Australia for the particularity of its body, which is difficult to replicate. As well as theX2 Pro Master Edition, who even made a hat-trick with GDA, GDA Australia e reddot 2020 for its elegance.

realme x50 pro x2 x buds q awards good reddot design 2

To close the quartet of smartphones that won the prize, we find the Realme X Master Edition, awarded by GDA Germany e Australia always for his design original. Finally, the TWS Realme Buds Q headphones gets 2 prizes, Good Design Germany and Golden Pin for an unbeatable classy design for its price category.

In short, Realme is increasingly appreciated for the style exercises of its smartphones and certainly does not intend to stop, as shown in the leatherette version of his Q2 coming soon.

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