Razer BlackWidow V3: new RGB mechanical keyboard, only for true gamers

razer blackwidow v3

In addition to the console world there is also another faction, namely that of PC gamer. These two parallel universes, in fact, never miss an opportunity to clash and assert their reasons, especially now that the next-gen is upon us. Beyond these aspects, however, those who play with the computer can enjoy some accessories absolutely amazing, like mouse, monitor e keyboards super customizable. This is the case, therefore, also of the new mechanical keyboard of Razer, Black Widow V3, with some interesting features.

BlackWidow V3 is dedicated to gamers, ideal for FPS

razer blackwidow v3

Taking a look at the various technical features of this one Razer Black Widow V3, we find a series of tricks dedicated to gamer. This mechanical keyboard, in fact, offers a stroke of the keys different depending on the areas involved. This feature, therefore, allows you to be much faster in some situations, for example in shooter games where reactivity is maximum.

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Razer BlackWidow V3 is also equipped with LED RGB that illuminate the entire lower part of the keys. These, therefore, can also be customized, to create the lighting effects and combinations that are most preferred. At the moment, therefore, this product is sold in three main configurations: the standard wired version, with 104 keys, is priced at 899 yuan (approx 112 €), that Bluetoothinstead, it costs 1.499 yuan (190 €), while the one with solo 87 keys is 699 yuan (approx 88 €).

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