Official Petal Maps and Huawei Docs: Huawei's software revolution starts

petal maps huawei

In addition to the long-awaited Mate 40 Pro, today the Chinese giant announced great news also with regard to its ecosystem and Huawei Mobile Services (HMS), raising the curtain up Petal Maps e Huawei Docs, as well as some news dedicated to PetalSearch. Let's find out all the details regarding the latest software improvements introduced by the tech giant at today's event.

Huawei challenges Google in no uncertain terms: official Petal Maps and Huawei Docs

petal maps huawei

Petal Maps: the rival of Google Maps in Huawei sauce arrives

The big news of Huawei has finally come: Petal Maps is the new tool of maps e navigation ready to challenge Google. The app offers features such as location services, immersive map views (both 2D and 3D), location searches, navigation while driving, and favorite place lists to users in over 140 countries and regions.

petal maps huawei

Petal Maps supports viewing maps in 79 languages different, with voice notifications in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian taste and mandarin. Furthermore the service is able to provide real-time updates on public transport and on traffic in 129 major global cities, helping commuters better plan their routes and eliminate worries on the road.

Using pioneering technologies such as Super GNSS and image recognition algorithms, Petal Maps further increases accuracy and presents to users the most efficient routes and less congested. Thanks to the controls via gesture of the devices of the Mate 40 family, driving users will be able to use gestures (the Air Press function) to switch from the navigation view to the map overview simply by “pushing” the palm of the hand towards the screen. These intelligent interactions greatly improve ease of travel, as well as facilitate a safe driving experience.

La beta dedicated to Petal Maps will start on 22 October and as soon as we have more details we will update this article with all the info.

Huawei Docs

The new service Huawei Docs, available in more than 100 countries and regions, supports viewing and editing of papers in over 50 formats including PDF, PPT and DOC. Thanks to the cloud features and the real-time synchronization, Docs allows users to seamlessly work on the same document on multiple devices connected to it Huawei ID, improving the smart office experience of the brand's terminals.

Petal Search: that's what changes

petal maps huawei

In addition to the aforementioned innovations, there are also improvements for PetalSearch, the official search engine app of Huawei, now available in over 170 countries and regions and with support for over 50 languages, allowing users to conveniently and instantly find the information and services they need. Petal Search offers search capabilities in over 20 categories, including apps, news, videos, images, shopping, flights, and local businesses.

It also develops and integrates various tools, such as weather, calculator, exchange rates, and so on, to help the user get everyday information easily.

With the new update, the search experience is now visually richer. The research results are presented in information sheets, as opposed to simple web links, to help users get an avalanche of useful information instantly, with a handful of clicks. By exploiting the AI capability of Huawei devices, Petal Search allows users to search taking pictures or using images via the visual search function. It recognizes a wide range of objects, people, animals and landmarks and will introduce new features such as identification of plants.

For example, the user can simply take a picture of a dish and Petal Search will provide the prescription. A function is also integrated into the app voice search, which supports English, Spanish, French, Arabic and other languages. Furthermore, with the collaboration with the best global and local partners, Petal Search is developing locally based search services, to provide users with a rich location-based search experience. When the user searches for content about local life, the app provides high-quality localized information or the most popular suggestions, such as personalized recommendations or the best nearby foods, local attractions worth visiting, and shopping info and discounts.

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