OPPO and ColorOS 11: how to improve Android with FlexDrop

oppo find x2 pro coloros 11 beta flexdrop

The introduction of the function FlexDrop within the ColorOS 11 su OPPO Find X2 and X2 Pro demonstrates the usefulness of the open source nature of Android (11, in this case). Although Google is the main source of the changes made to the smartphone OS, from time to time manufacturers also get a hand. It has happened several times in the past that companies like Samsung implemented a proprietary feature which was then natively taken up by Android. OPPO itself has shown that it knows how to innovate, as with the recent case of the feature Real Time Kinetic Positioning.

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FlexDrop is one of the most useful functions of ColorOS 11 seen on OPPO Find X2 and X2 Pro

It will take some time for OPPO's ColorOS 11 to be widespread and, with it, the FlexDrop function. As you can see in the official roadmap, at the moment only OPPO Find X2, X2 Pro and Reno 4 have received the update, moreover only in China. Over the next few months we will see it steadily in Europe too, so we can pass the wait by discovering its features.

If until a few years ago multitasking was an abstruse concept on Android, with the development of the OS they have reached good levels. To date, the split-screen allows you to have two apps simultaneously on the screen, but with FlexDrop everything rises to a higher level. Entering the screen of the recent apps of ColorOS 11, with the gestures it is possible to drag an app running on the button at the bottom left to open it in a reduced window.

But it does not end here: holding down on the bar at the top you have three buttons, one to close it, one to put it back to full screen and one to reduce it to a even smaller window. This is a very useful function to run multiple apps together without making them overlap, a bit like if we were on a PC. However, it would seem that it works with only one app at a time, to avoid possible malfunctions of the case.

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