OnePlus 8T: download official wallpapers and Live Wallpaper | Download


Really missing poco at the presentation date of OnePlus 8T, set for the 14 October, but in the meantime we already have wallpapers and Live Wallpaper. There is a lot of information about the new top of the range, as you can see in our dedicated article, Complete with unexpected appearance on Amazon. If all this were not enough, they have also appeared online Official Wallpapers and Live Wallpaper, available on any Android smartphone.

Upgrade 12 / 10: Now the OnePlus 8T Live Wallpaper are also available, you can find them at the end of the article.

All new OnePlus 8T wallpapers and Live Wallpaper | Download


Thanks to the work done by the XDA community, it is possible to preview wallpapers and Live Wallpaper that we will see on OnePlus 8T. It seems that i wallpaper have been tracked down by a senior member of XDA, who would have been able to extract such content from OnePlus Wallpaper Resources. Observing the nomenclature of these files, in fact, the similarity with all the acronyms used to identify this smartphone would have emerged.

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In case you are interested in carrying out the download of such backgrounds, please click below. All show rather curvy lines and bright colors, ranging from green to blue, black to purple.

OnePlus 8T Wallpaper - Download

Here are the Live Wallpaper | Update 12/10

The presentation of OnePlus 8T is approaching and, after the wallpapers, this time they are the live Wallpaper the protagonists of today's discovery. The gallery available includes three moving images, two introduced with the OxygenOS 11 and one with OnePlus 8T.

The movements concern the unlocking of the screen and the movement between the home screens, as you can see in this video, with dynamic colors based on the time of day. As reported at the beginning of the article, the OnePlus 8T Live Wallpaper works on any smartphone, as long as you have at least Android 8 Oreo. To ensure that they work smoothly and at their best, good performance with OpenGL graphics libraries is required.

If you are curious to try them, you can download the APK file to install from the link below. Once installed, you should see them in the wallpaper selection on your smartphone. If not, download the app Google Wallpapers and from there you will see them.

OnePlus 8T Live Wallpaper - Download

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