OneOdio Pro-50 vs Pro-10 over-ear headphones comparison: does quality sound become low cost?

At a time when the wireless earphones have become the leading audio solutions for many users, due to increased mobility but also for greater convenience, the wired headphones they are becoming niche products for audiophiles. The best are often very expensive, but the quality is obviously tangible. In recent times, however, some Chinese players have begun to bring to the market over-ear headphones, even professional, to a price much more accessible, just like it does One hate, producer of Pro-50 and Pro-10, two similar products but with a different target, protagonists of ours comparison.

OneOdio Pro-50 vs Pro-10 over-ear headphones comparison

Unboxing - OneOdio Pro-50 vs Pro-10

La package of the two headphones already shows the difference in users to which the Pro-50 and Pro-10. In fact, if for the former there is greater care and the box it is in two parts with a liftable lid, the latter have a more standard box for the band price, reasonable for the price range at which they are offered. For the endowment, however, One hate inserted exactly the same accessories:

  • headphones;
  • 3.5 / 3.5 mm audio jack cable with microphone;
  • 3.5 / 6.5 mm audio jack cable;
  • imitation leather bag for headphones;
  • manuals.

Construction and design

oneodio approached

I materials used for both are exactly identical, with plastic e leatherette to be the master, both for the auricles, both forbow for the head. The difference however lies in the attention to detail that we find on Pro-50, definitely more premium than the Pro-10 and this is also reflected in the wearing of the headphones, since they are softer in the ears and on the head.

However, this does not mean that the standard version (Pro-10) is a cheaply built model, far from it. Present in both solutions theinput jack from 6.5 mm, which still shines through the professional goal sought by the brand.


single oneodium

Being standard over-ear headphones, the One hate Pro-50 e Pro-10 they are obviously devoid of any connectivity whatsoever Bluetooth o wireless NFC. But this could be an advantage in terms of sound, which obviously does not suffer loss of quality or frequency as it is wired. Thus, the connections are "limited" to those of the two jack cables, which have different purposes: a standard 3.5/3.5 mm, ideal for smartphones, tablets or devices that are not really professional and one from 3.5/6.5 mm which, especially for the Pro-50, are ideal for amplifiers, DJ consoles and other high quality purposes.

oneodio comparison 3

There is a possibility that it significantly improves the sound quality and it is thanks to the entry from 6.5 mm placed right on both headphones, much more framed than the base cable.

Audio and microphones

oneodio comparison 2

And here is the real comparison between the OneOdio Pro-50 e Pro-10: the quality audio. Basically, starting from volume, both hold up well, without distortion, when it is at maximum and it must be said that they isolate well, even without resorting to any noise cancellation. The body we get from the Pro-50 it's a whole other story: much deeper bass, well-marked mids and never distorted highs, especially in mode Hi-Res (high resolution music). The Pro-10 however in standard audio they defend themselves very well and for general use they will take away a lot of satisfactions. As for the microphones, they are present but they do an average job, but justified by the fact that the purpose of the two products is quite different.

Conclusions - OneOdio Pro-50 vs Pro-10 over-ear headphones

oneodium comparison 1

And we are therefore at the conclusions of a comparison between over-ear headphones which have proved to be of very good quality, which do what they have to do without being of famous brands that will certainly have a superior and professional listening mode, but if your needs require less expense, OneOdio Pro-50 e Pro-10 are a more than appreciable solution, given that they are in a range of price that goes by 30 ai 40 €.

Between the two, if you don't have specific needs, we definitely recommend the Pro-10, but if you make qualitatively higher uses, the Pro-50 are to choose without a doubt. If you still want something that goes well in both contexts, the latter are to be preferred. We leave you the links for the purchase on their official store, with shipment da Europe.


OneOdio Pro-50 and Pro-10 over-ear headphones

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OneOdio Pro-50 / Pro-10
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