Unieuro Underprice offers: Xiaomi, Huawei and OPPO smartphones and accessories at a discount

With the end of the event dedicated to Prime Day of Amazon certainly the offers do not stop, including eBay-branded initiatives, Chinese stores and what else. On this tour we would like to point out the new Under-Price flyer Unieuro, with many smartphones and various products Xiaomi, Huawei e OPPO, available at a discounted price through the online portal of the electronics chain.

Unieuro launches the Underprice offers, until 25 October 2020

offers flyer under unieuro price

The offers of Flyer Underprice di Unieuro start today, October 19th, and will be available till at the 25 October, with various devices Xiaomi, OPPO e Huawei in promo (and not only). We remind you that the online store offers shipping free for orders over € 49 and that there is an additional discount of 5% which applies directly to checkout (valid on the entire catalog).

Xiaomi, Huawei and OPPO offers with the Unieuro Sub-price flyer

But now no more chatter, below you will find the various offers Xiaomi, Huawei e OPPO present in the flyer of Unieuro, including smartphones and accessories from various brands.

For all offers dedicated to Flyer Underprice di Unieuro, below you will find the link to the main page, where you will find all the promotional products waiting for you.


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