Ninebot lets you pilot a robot thanks to the Kit dedicated to its Segways

ninebot segway mecha kit m1 robot price

We have learned to know Ninebot, one of the closest partners of Xiaomi, thanks to its quality and excellent electric means of transport rapporto qualità / prezzo. But we never would have dreamed of a Kit which makes his Segway, as the Mini, of robot to pilot: in fact, the Ninebot Self-balancing Scooter Mecha M1 at a fair price.

Ninebot Mecha Kit M1: here is the seat to make the Segway Mini a robot

ninebot mecha robot kit

So how is the robot kit per Segway Mini di Ninebot? quite simply, it is a seat equipped with controllers that allow the user to move just as if they were on a Wick (the classic Japanese robot), complete with a platform dedicated to the feet. It is really well designed, since it allows you to lower the handlebar of the balance scooter in order to make it the basis of the electric vehicle.

Ninebot she is not new to using these gimmicks to expand her own Segway at will. Already some time ago it launched an expansion that made a Kart is the Segway Mini and the Balance Scooter Max, but this Mecha Kit M1 exceeds every expectation of fans. After this invention, who knows what the brand partner of Xiaomi, which created for the 10th anniversary of the Chinese giant a Luxury designer karts Lamborghini.

As for the price of Kit robot Ninebot Mecha M1, it starts from 1399 yuan (approx 176 €) for the kit only, if instead we combine it with one of the Segway, we go up to 2498 yuan, approximately 314 €, which are more than in focus for such a product.

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