POCO X3 NFC: how to fix compatibility problems with Kodi


As reported by various users who have tried to use the famous media center on board POCO X3NFC they found themselves struggling with one black screen. The reason is to be found in the high refresh rate of the smartphone display, which clashes with the app: it can happen that when an application does not support 120 Hz this attempts to crash, returning a black screen. If you too have encountered compatibility issues with Kodi on board of yours POCO X3 NFC, then the solution is very simple.

POCO X3 NFC and Kodi: here's how to solve compatibility problems


To resolve the compatibility issues between POCO X3 NFC and Kodi, all you have to do is go to the display settings and set the “classic” refresh rate to 60 Hz while using the media center. In this way the app will start without problems and you will not be faced with the annoying black screen. So, as you can easily guess, it is mainly a software defect and we will have to wait until the release of a fix by Xiaomi (or in an update by the Kodi team).

For the sake of accuracy it is good to specify that this same problem could also occur with other applications, also in this case due to possible incompatibility problems with 120 Hz. As above, just use the usual 60 Hz in order to solve.

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