Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro review: confirmed as one of the best smartwatches

huawei watch gt 2 pro

Thanks to Huawei, we have had the opportunity to try practically all the smartwatches of the brand in the last period. Starting with Huawei Watch GT 2 (find here the complete review) until Huawei watch fit (find out in our review). We have always found ourselves quite well, despite these products offering a completely customized software which, in many respects, could be considered too limited. This, however, is also the strength of these accessories as far as I'm concerned, because they have always been able to give the customer a good mix between autonomy and performance. When we were faced with the new Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro, therefore, we already had an idea of ​​what to expect. Will this smartwatch have managed to meet all expectations? How does it differ from the standard variant? Find out in ours Full review.

Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro review


We do not find any surprise with this box, which from an aesthetic point of view always shows the same shapes and characteristics. Within this sales package, however, we find:

  • Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro;
  • replacement black silicone strap;
  • USB / USB Type-C cable for charging;
  • magnetic base for product charging;
  • short instruction manual, also in Italian.

Design & Materials

Already at first glance you can see some differences with the standard variant. This Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro, in fact, it offers a much more elegant titanium central case, which actually gives the feeling of being in front of a premium product. Despite everything, however, little changes in terms of design regarding two aspects in particular: the central dial, which always has the same shapes, this time offering a sapphire crystal, and the two buttons on the right frame. As on the previous model, in fact, also in this case with the upper one you return to the home, while with the lower one you can directly access sports activities. In terms of dimensions, however, the Watch GT 2 Pro measures 46,7 x 46,7 x 11,4 mm, with a weight of approx 52 grams (without strap).

huawei watch gt 2 pro

This time the brand has seen fit to adopt a strap in real leather with a defined color, in this case, Nebula Gray. Obviously, this component, therefore, gives greater value to the product. If you want to use the smartwatch mainly for physical activity, however, you could if necessary insert the replacement strap, in silicone, present in the package. In my opinion the best solution in this area, to avoid that the skin is easily damaged after a few weeks. I tell you, however, that despite the weight of about 50 grams is quite high, this product is hardly felt on the wrist. It is, therefore, a smartwatch that is comfortable in daily use, which could make our wrist suffer a little more only in summer, during sunny days, especially when wearing the leather strap.

huawei watch gt 2 pro

Besides the two buttons on the right, which we have already talked about, below we have all the various heart rate sensors. However, the two charging pins that we found on the standard model are missing. This is because this accessory uses the magnetic recharge, thanks to the base present in the package, which no longer depends on the classic pins flush with the body. This was made possible, of course, also by the titanium surface that covers the entire structure.

Also having various activities related to swimming, this device is equipped with a water resistance up to 5ATM.


Here we find a display practically identical to that of Watch GT 2, thus equipping itself with a panel AMOLED da 1,39 " with resolution 454 454 pixels x. Obviously this is a touchscreen unit, since to move within the interface it is essential to use various gestures. From this point of view, however, I believe that it is precisely the same display, since I have not noticed any difference in the color rendering and in the touch response.

huawei watch gt 2 pro

Also in this case, on Watch GT 2 Pro, the brightness maximum, which outdoors allows us to see all the contents on the screen well under direct sunlight. Thanks to sapphire crystal, then, you can mistreat the surface of this smartwatch a little more without any consequences, making it very resistant. This surface has also undergone a rather good oleophobic treatment, which does not leave too many imprints. From this point of view, therefore, this smartwatch is absolutely promoted.

Hardware & Features

As on the latest models, Huawei has decided to take advantage of the Kirin A1, therefore, a more than proven chipset that offers the right compromise between performance and autonomy. Then there is the Bluetooth 5.1, cosím come il GPS integrated that allows you to take advantage of the function, as already seen on Honor Watch GS Pro Back Route, which without the use of GPS allows you to retrace the road backwards without the danger of getting lost. Those who take long walks in the mountains, therefore, could certainly appreciate a feature of this type more than others, as well as the reporting on the same smartwatch of sudden climate changes obviously linked to the weather.

Let's say that from the hardware point of view it changes little compared to previous smartwatches, because even in this case we have 4GB of internal storage, which, if necessary, can be useful for downloading on the wearable some music track. During physical activity, in fact, you can carry around even just the smartwatch, for two essential reasons: being equipped with integrated GPS it does not require a constant connection with the phone and, moreover, it is possible to connect to the watch itself via bluetooth headphones, thus listening to your favorite music when you are away from home.

You will necessarily have to have your smartphone with you, however, in case you want to answer some voice call, because no SIM can be inserted into it. From this point of view, however, I must say that the audio is pretty good, both for us and for our interlocutor, who never complains of particular annoyances in terms of sound. Let's say that in emergency situations, where we may have both hands quite busy, it can certainly be useful.

Monitoring & Fitness

I believe that the wearables from Huawei / Honor are, in the end, the ones that implement the most sports activities. Here we find, therefore, more than 100 activity being able to choose from the more classic ones such as walking and running, up to snowboarding, golf, pilates, cross fit and much more. Not being able to try them all, however, I limited myself to recording some walks during the tests, and the results obtained did not differ much from what is usually obtained with the Watch GT 2. Good, therefore, the reading of the steps, as well as the heart rate monitoring, which I have always kept active 24 / 24h. Even during physical activity, therefore, if kept firmly on the wrist, the watch is able to detect all the variations quite precisely. In case we forget to activate this activity, then, after a few minutes it would be the watch itself that detects it, telling us to start the complete monitoring.

huawei watch gt 2 pro

The GPS did not convince me very much, at least in the city, because in many places it took longer than expected to connect the satellite. I would have expected a higher speed, but once connected it was able to trace our path quite accurately. Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro also offers the detection of blood oxygen levels (SpO2) also continuously, 24 / 24h. This update should arrive at all but, to date, for example on my model it has not yet arrived. Therefore it is still necessary to carry out this measurement manually.

There are also all those options that we found on the other models, thanks to the various algorithms that the brand has developed and that allow this smartwatch to be able detect sleep smoothly and stress. Let's say that I have some doubts about the latter, but about the former I can trust more, resulting rather precise. Taking a look at the hours I went to sleep and those of waking up, I must say that these coincide more or less with the real ones, thus showing a pretty good accuracy. With the app Huawei Healththen, it is also possible to keep track of all the data relating to the REM phase and, in general, to everything concerning our sleep during the night, complete with advice and explanations of the various items.


Anyone who has taken a look at the reviews of other Huawei smartwatches already knows what to expect. Here the proposed software, in fact, is closed and does not allow you to install third-party apps on the watch. Everything you need, therefore, is within that system. As mentioned previously, we move through the classics gesture among the various menus, scrolling between different summary pages or within the various options. There are also several watch faces to customize the main dial, many of which can be traced right within the app itself. We will then be able to take a look at all the notifications, but not being able to interact with them in any way.

Among the many voices we find, therefore, Workout, Workout Logs, Workout Status, Heart Rate, SpO2, Activity Logs, Sleep, Stress, Breathing Exercises, Call Logs, Contacts, Music, Barometer, Compass, Notifications, Weather, Stopwatch, Timer, Alarm, Flashlight, Find Phone and Settings.

Huawei Health

Huawei Health is confirmed as one of the best apps in this area. In my opinion, in fact, it is one of the best organized, showing on the front page all the various options of monitoring, within which to find the graphs and all the details. Even for those who have never entered it, therefore, it is easy to manage this app. Here we also find a tab relating only to the associated devices, through which to change the dial, as well as customize various functions related to music, notifications, updates and various other things. It is, therefore, an application that aims to show the essential, however not dissatisfying even the most fanatic of give e graphics related to your body.

Obviously it is also possible to activate the various sport from the app itself, as well as analyzing the results, relying on a dedicated interface also allows you to view more precisely the GPS path we have performed, for example, during a walk.


I'm not sure how big the is battery inside, also because on the official website they only show an estimate of the maximum duration of this component. Here, therefore, an autonomy of 14 days, which I must say for the first time more or less reflect reality. I have never found myself so in agreement with the company on this point, as in this case, but managing to hardly exceed 10 days of use on a single charge. During these test days, however, I kept the heart rate monitoring 24 / 24h active and, for about half of the days of use, I also used thealways on display, certainly consuming more battery than before. Let's say, therefore, that by exploiting it in a less pushed way, perhaps 14 days can also be reached.

Price & Conclusions

Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro starts from a list price of 299,90 €. We are therefore talking about a rather considerable figure, justified only in part by the use of very precious materials such as titanium and sapphire crystal. Don't get me wrong, however, in the sense that the product is more than valid from all points of view, making it perhaps one of the best smartwatches in the Android field. Two or three more smart functions, such as quick response to notifications, for example, would be enough to elevate it even more in this ideal ranking. I continue to argue, then, that it is good that Android Wear is missing here, because believe me even in that case all that glitters is not gold.

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I recommend buying a similar product, therefore, not only to owners of a Huawei-branded smartphone, but also to those who are looking for an essential product, which immediately points to the gist of the matter. Everything you need is there inside, without anything else. If you are a lover of this kind of rather closed ecosystems, and an absolutely satisfying autonomy, Watch GT 2 Pro could really be the right choice for you. It lends itself well to both elegant dinners and intense sports sessions, without too many problems.