Honor Watch ES review: a virtual coach always on your wrist!

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Only a few days ago we analyzed the new one Huawei watch fit, a sporty wearable with virtual personal trainer and a refined design and today, to give you a more complete overview, we want to talk to you about the parallel version launched by Honor, or Honor Watch ES.

In fact, the two seem to be very similar, but there are some small differences that could make us prefer one to the other and one of these is the price. So what will be the best choice between the two? Let's find out together in the full review.

Honor Watch ES Review

Unboxing - Honor Watch ES

The sales package is made of white and blue hardcover with the photo of the product and some technical specifications. Inside we find the following equipment:

  • Honor Watch ES;
  • charging cable with magnetic pins;
  • instruction manual.

Design and construction

Although the case ofHonor Watch ES is very similar to that of the Huawei watch fit, the attachment with the strap is different. So we no longer find the plastic clips that hook inside the body, but there is the standard attack that we find on all watches.

Honor Watch ES

I have to say that I like the colors and the general aesthetics of the Huawei, but theHonor has more customization possibilities thanks to the classic strap which is more easily replaceable.

Here too, therefore, we find a inspired design all 'Apple Watch, but with an elongated shape that keeps its distance. This guarantees great comfort on the wrist, especially taking into account the small size of 46 x 30 x 10.7 millimeters for a weight of suns 21 grams without strap.

Honor Watch ES

The wearability is therefore excellent, as it is good construction and of materials thanks to a case in aluminum and a strap in silicone which did not cause me any kind of irritation, not even in contact with sweat.

Honor Watch ES

Speaking of liquids, theHonor Watch ES è waterproof and withstands water up to 5 ATM, which allows us to use it in the pool or in the sea to monitor swimming or other water sports activities.

Concluding this aspect the look and feel of this Honor enhances the side more sports e youth compared to Huawei who wants to focus mostly onelegance, on style, but without losing focus on training.


L'Honor Watch ES has a display AMOLED da 1.64 inches with resolution 456 280 pixels x (HD), screen-to-body ratio of 70%, density of PPI 326 and 2.5D curved glass.

Honor Watch ES

We find no differences with respect to the Huawei watch fit, as this time too we find a excellent panel able to offer bright colors, an automatic brightness sensor that intervenes correctly and a high-level definition.

In any case we find 5 intensity of brightness and both the minimum and the maximum guarantee good visibility in different contexts. We then find thealways-on display and many watchfaces to customize your wearable and adapt it to the current style.

As for the touches we find a good oleophobic treatment and we can move in the interface through different swipes:

  • Swipe from below: notification menu;
  • Swipe from above: quick toggle menu;
  • Swipe left or right: we can see some information such as heart rate, stress level, weather, music playing, daily progress and sleep.

Hardware and connectivity

In this sector, however, we find a difference compared to the counterpart of Huawei, because to move theHonor Watch ES the new chipset takes care of it Kirin A1 (instead of the DK3.5 + ST), flanked by 4 GB internal memory and interface Lite OS.

Honor Watch ES

Also in this case the internal memory can be used just for the watchfaces and not to save us music since we cannot connect Bluetooth headphones. In all this, the wearable runs very well, in daily use it does not show uncertainties and manages to be a reliable training companion.

Speaking instead of connectivity, on board there are accelerometer, gyroscope, sensor for detecting the heartbeat, capacitive and brightness, as well as the Bluetooth 5.0. Unfortunately, however, it is absent il GPS so you will have to use that of your smartphone and you will not be able to use the stand-alone device.

For the rest, I did not find disconnections with the smartphone or imperfections in the connection between the two devices.


From this point of view there are no differences with the Huawei watch fit, in fact theHonor Watch ES is based on Lite OS, proprietary software of the Chinese company.

The interface is simple, intuitive and obviously cannot integrate third party apps since we are not talking about software similar to Wear OS, but with a UI designed specifically for sport.

Through theHonor Watch ES it will be possible in fact:

  • start training of various types;
  • monitor some values ​​on sports performance (in-depth and detailed data are available on the Huawei Health application);
  • measure heart rate, SpO2 and stress level;
  • manage music, check notifications, weather, timer, alarm, flashlight and much more.

Le notifications they are displayed in full without any problem, but obviously we will only be able to read the messages and not interact with them, it will not even be possible to see photos and emojis or listen to audio.

The app with which to interface the wearable to the smartphone is always Huawei Health which we already know very well by now and which is very complete from the point of view of graphs and measurements. It will be possible to monitor all the parameters, the daily, weekly and monthly overviews and change the settings of the sportwatch as well as the watchfaces.


On the sporting side theHonor Watch ES is among the more complete sportwatches absolutely because it integrates well 95 training modes several and a virtual personal trainer with 12 training courses and 44 animated exercises divided according to the level of difficulty:

  • Level 1: Re-energized, Neck and shoulder relaxation, Whole body stretching;
  • Level 2: Workout Exercises, Quick Fat Burning, Strengthen Heart and Lungs, Tone Abdominal, Core Workout, Tone Legs and Buttocks;
  • Level 3: Abdominals of marble, Leg training;
  • Level 4: Advanced chest workout.

As already mentioned for the Huawei this feature I loved it and I hope that in the future the Chinese company will insert new workouts through updates.

Apart from these we also find some breathing exercises, always great for maintaining focus and mindfulness. Too bad for theassenza of the workouts of guided run which we have also seen on other devices with Lite OS, but will probably be added in the next updates.

Honor Watch ES

I have not listed all 95 sports whose various measurements are tracked because they are really many and range from traditional activities such as swimming, cycling, tennis, to the more unusual ones such as darts, laser tag, hula hoop and much more.

There is always the automatic recognition of the activity that is taking place and during the workout a series of measurements related to the will be shown heartbeat (also during swimming), burned caloriesdistance traveledtrend, the effect aerobic / anaerobic exercise and much more. Obviously it also tells us that for more in-depth data you can consult the app Huawei Health.

I found good accuracy in the measurements, which were obviously compared with the machines in the gym. I did it for example with the treadmill and I must say that the data were quite similar to each other.

Performance has been improved compared to previous years thanks to proprietary AI algorithms such as the Huawei TruSeen 4.0 for the heartbeatHuawei TruSleep for the sonno and Huawei TruRelax for stress. It will also be possible to measure the level of oxygenation of the blood (SpO2).


L'Honor Watch ES it is powered by a battery from 180 mAh which allows us to obtain aexcellent autonomy, thanks also to the absence of GPS which reduces consumption compared to Huawei watch fit.

Honor Watch ES

In fact, with heart rate detection always active, automatic brightness, 2 hours of weekly training, always-on and lots of daily notifications I reached about 9 days of use, but if used without 24/7 beat detection it will be possible to extend the battery life.

In any case, the recharge is very fast because it will switch from 0 to 100% in about 65 minutes. Don't forget the charging cable because this will only happen via the magnetic pins.

Conclusions - Honor Watch ES

L'Honor Watch ES compared to Huawei watch fit has some differences that justify a lower price, such as theabsence of GPS and a slightly less valuable construction that emphasizes the sporty vein rather than the elegant one.

Indeed, the home wearable Honor is available on official site at 99 euros with in bundle le Honor Bluetooth Sports Earphone, so let's talk about 30 euro less than its rival.

Speaking of the single product, I remained soddisfatto, as it guarantees excellent performance, it has a wonderful display, a great autonomy and the virtual personal trainer which represents a plus compared to the competitors. The only aspect negative is l 'absence of GPS which for many sportsmen who practice outdoor training is a fundamental feature.

Honor Watch ES

We therefore come to a comparison with the cousin of the house Huawei, which is certainly more expensive but more complete from this point of view. The rest of the specifications remain unchanged.

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