The best custom ROMs with Android 11 for OnePlus Nord

OnePlus North

The next flagship will enter the market in a few days 8T, yet there are many rumors about it to the new models of the Nord series, arriving even at the end of October. In short, OP is not joking and it seems that there is a real invasion in the company's plans. Obviously it will not reach the levels of Xiaomi and Redmi (with dozens and dozens of phones per year), but certainly having a few more devices at an affordable price will be an excellent incentive to bring new users to the brand. From this point of view OnePlus North part it turned out to be a winning choice and if you too are looking forward to Android 11 but you can't resist, here you are best custom ROMs available.

OnePlus Nord: the best custom ROMs based on Android 11 (and much more)

OnePlus North

As usual when it comes to modding and extreme customizations it will be necessary to have the bootloader unlocked e TWRP, so you can proceed with the flash of the various ROMs. As regards the best custom ROMs per OnePlus North based on Android 11, the portal of XDA it is certainly a hotbed of news and projects in this sense are gradually increasing.


We start with the classic AOSP (which we have already mentioned here), that is the first real release dedicated to the new major update of the green robot OS. While the official version of the OxygenOS 11 still latita, the developers of the undergrowth of modding enthusiasts have worked hard to bring Android 11 on board the mid-range. For more details and the download link, Thu find the dedicated thread.


The new PixysOS it is based on the AOSP release above and offers an almost completely stock experience, albeit with some additions that should not be underestimated. THU find the thread with all the details.

The best custom ROMs with Android 10 for OnePlus Nord, Google Camera, kernel and tools for unbrick

The ROMs dedicated to Android 11, unfortunately, have come to an end, at least for the moment. As soon as other releases arrive we will update this article with any additions. In the meantime, here is a selection of the best custom ROMs dedicated to OnePlus North part, this time on a base Android 10.

If you are aiming for a custom kernel, below you will find a couple of not bad solutions: both offer maximum stability and the possibility of making various improvements to optimize performance and battery life, but in the case of Stormbreaker it is a more minimal, simple and balanced solution.

To conclude we leave you with our guide to install the Google Camera (found here) and a practical one tool dedicated tounbrick of OnePlus Nord made by one of the developers of XDA (here is the dedicated thread).

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