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Despite personally continuing to just fail to play on a smartphone, in the world the people who entertain themselves with mobile games are more and more, also thanks to the release of titles such as Genshin Impact for Android and iPhone, which are real masterpieces. But, let's face it, playing with a mobile device is very uncomfortable: and if you can get used to the presence of virtual pads (after all we got used to the virtual keyboard, right?), If there is one thing that could make things definitely uncomfortable is the ergonomics. Holding your smartphone to play is one of the least comfortable things you can do with a mobile device but, fortunately, there are many companies that are trying to solve the problem.

And among these is Anker, who with his Anker PowerCore Play 6700 has also attempted to remedy two other fundamental factors affecting mobile gaming: the overheating of the device and the Battery drain. It has no analog or digital pad (therefore, for all intents and purposes, it is not a gamepad), but this particular device is produced in a form designed to make the device handle more comfortable, it is in effect a 6700 mAH powerbank and is equipped with a central fan with which (theoretically) the smartphone overheating could be limited.

Review Anker PowerCore Play 6700

Package Contents

The contents of the Anker PowerCore Play 6700 it is essential. In addition to the gaming powerbank, there is a single USB-A / USB-C cable, with which you can recharge the integrated battery, or supply energy to a connected smartphone. There is no Lightning adapter: which means that anyone with an iPhone will have to purchase the cable separately or use the one supplied with the device.

Design and materials

And just like the packaging, so is the design of the Anker PowerCore Play 6700 it's pretty simple. In short, it is an expandable support (in which it is also possible to insert a Samsung Galaxy Note Ultra 20 but not an Asus Zenfone 7 Pro) made of plastic and characterized by two ergonomic sides, designed to improve the grip of the device. On the side there is a standard USB output, flanked by a USB-C input with which you can recharge the battery integrated into the device. The USB outputs are able to guarantee one maximum power of 12w and 15w, which will make it possible to recharge the smartphone even while in game: it is not a thing to poco, considering that - especially with some titles - while carrying out this activity the energy demand is important.

The internal area, where the smartphone is inserted, is lined with one non-slip rubber layer but I noticed that I don't have a particularly reliable grip with my iPhone 11 Pro: actually, Apple's smartphone however it tends to slip, while for devices of larger dimensions or with back covers in different materials the problem does not arise.

And always in the internal area there is a small grate that hides the active cooling fan, which will start every time the device is turned on using the side button (next to which there are LEDs with which to check the status of the battery): it is an ingenious idea, which has partially solved the problem of overheating especially with Genshin Impact , but what causes noise perhaps too accentuated: in short, it feels and quite enough, but it is the right price to pay for not making the smartphone become hot.

Utility and convenience - Anker PowerCore Play 6700

In short, the Anker PowerCore Play 6700 it is nothing more than an “enhanced” powerbank with features capable of improving long gaming sessions with the smartphone. It would have been interesting if those of Anker had thought of including pads, in order to totally avoid the use of on-screen controls, but at that point the size and weight would have changed a lot. There battery integrated with 6700 mAh it could also double the autonomy of the device while playing, and all in all the ergonomic shape tends to make your hands less tired. 

The gripper system is also pleasant and very resistant (and above all, very "extendable") and will allow you to use practically all the most common mobile devices without any problem. Unfortunately however, the universality of the product has brought with it the compromise of cable management: in reality, while using the Anker PowerCore Play 6700 you will always have the cable in plain sight, which is perhaps not too pleasant for someone like me. But all in all it is nonsense of poco account, compared to the convenience that you might have using this particular support while playing with your smartphone.

Then there is also a small one removable stand, which will allow you to keep the smartphone vertically if necessary: ​​it is a feature in reality poco connected to gaming per se, but which I found very comfortable on my last trip by plane (or train), where I was able to play more comfortably and watch a TV series by placing the device comfortably on the small table at my disposal.

Price and conclusions

The price of the Anker PowerCore Play 6700 and of 49,99 € on Amazon (find the coupon below) and yes, the comparison with the prices of traditional powerbanks (even more powerful) is more than legitimate. In reality, at the same price, you could buy a much more powerful external smartphone battery, which, however, would have the only advantage of being able to exclusively recharge the smartphone. 

But it must be admitted that the Anker PowerCore Play 6700 it is much more. We always talk about a powerbank, it is true, which, however, will improve the grip and ergonomics of the smartphone while playing and, above all, will cool the device avoiding it becoming hot: this is, perhaps, the killer feature that would justify the purchase of a product of this type.

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review-anker-powercore-play-6700Despite personally continuing to just not be able to play on a smartphone, in the world the people who entertain themselves with mobile games are more and more, also thanks to the release of titles such as Genshin Impact for Android and iPhone, which are real and ...