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A few weeks ago we published a video on our YouTube channel, with its own protagonist Amazfit neo. Already at that juncture, therefore, we had defined this product as a bit anachronistic, very reminiscent of some devices of the past. There is no doubt, in fact, that such an accessory is very reminiscent of the most recent Casio watches, while showing many smart functionality. We are, however, in the world of sport watches in all respects, and later I'll also explain why we cannot consider it as a real smartwatch. Let's go and see, therefore, how it behaved in daily use, within ours Full review.

Amazfit Neo review


Looking at the case, you immediately realize what type of product you are going to buy. On the front, in fact, there is an image of the clock. Beyond this aspect, however, inside the sales package we find:

  • Amazfit Neo;
  • USB-A cable with charging base equipped with magnetic pins;
  • short instruction manual, also in Italian.

Design & Materials

Amazfit Neo is made entirely of plastic, showing off this retro style that after all does not look bad even today. We find few but essential elements, such as the small white writings that indicate the functions of the four different keys, which are absolutely identical in terms of aesthetics. In addition to logo of the brand, positioned below, we do not find many other interesting features from a design point of view, including the silicone strap which in addition to being rather thin is also very comfortable. This, however, is a recurring theme that we will find throughout the review, because here the weight only 32 grams it really makes a difference. After a few minutes, in fact, it almost seems not to have it on your wrist, giving back a sense of absolute lightness.

amazfit neo

By comparing it with some of the smartwatches currently on the market, this Amazfit Neo cannot hold its own, being much smaller and more discreet, with dimensions of 40,3 x 41 x 11,7 mm. What is surprising, therefore, is precisely the data relating to the thickness, which perhaps makes it one of the thinnest sportwatches on the market. It is therefore not absolutely uncomfortable in daily use, as well as during physical activity, soon becoming my favorite companion in this area.

This product then resists water up to 5ATM, although apparently not presenting one IP68 certification. Beyond this, however, there is certainly no lack of everything concerning the sensors on the lower part, therefore mainly the sensor for detecting the heart rate and the magnetic pins for charging. This component, therefore, protrudes slightly from the profile of the body, but not so much as to compromise its comfort in everyday use.

amazfit neo


At the beginning of this review we judged it, almost, as a clone of the most famous Casio watches, due to a very similar front. Here, however, a unit is located STN LCD, therefore not in color, from 1,2 ".

amazfit neo

It is a truly essential, no-frills panel that aims to provide you with all the information you need right away. In the lower part, therefore, we find theclockwise, while poco higher up lies the date. Inside the small circle, placed at the top left, the images of the various modes are shown, in a rather explanatory way. So, to know what is the frequency of ours heartbeat just go to the heart symbol and wait for the measurement in real time, displaying the result on the right. Therefore, the same is true for all other functions and modes.

Hardware & Connectivity

I honestly don't know what kind of chipset is inside it, but rest assured that here you don't need any SoC to move the entire system. Unlike all the other smartwatches on the market, in fact, here it is possible to move around the interface only with the two buttons on the right, Up e Down. Beyond that, however, taking a closer look at the hardware, we find the Bluetooth 5.0 which allows you to connect to your smartphone very quickly. As soon as you go to configure it with the app, in fact, the updates will start immediately, if there are any, and the clock will be immediately synchronized with your device.

I wish I could tell you about its performance but, as you can see for yourself, the software here is kept to a minimum. So I can only say that this Amazfit Neo has never reported any problems, of any kind.


Many might appreciate this product more than others, precisely because of its ease of use. Taking advantage of the two side keys placed on the right, in fact, you scroll through the various available modes, which can be added or deleted through the official application. On the dial, therefore, we will have only the essential information, such as the number of steps, calories burned, distance traveled, weather, stopwatch, alarm clock, Pai counter, heart rate tracker, do not disturb mode and battery status.

By holding down the key back the ambient light is activated, while with the key Select the various functions on the watch are activated. When you are on the stopwatch, for example, with a single click on Select the latter is activated, while clicking on Back resets it. In the event that Amazfit Neo is not connected to the smartphone, then, at the bottom right you will find a symbol that will indicate the failure to synchronize.

Everything you need, therefore, is on Zepp, the new Amazfit app dedicated to products of this type. I remind you that this is compatible with Android, but also with iOS, and once downloaded in a few seconds you proceed to synchronization of the sportwatch, being able to change various options. With Neo, in fact, we can also receive notifications, choosing from all the apps contained on our smartphone, but obviously we will neither interact with them, nor view the app from which we received it. The calls but in this case it will not be possible to answer directly from the watch. By synchronizing with our smartphone, however, we will have the ability to view the name of our interlocutor directly on the wearable dial. Since there is not even the vibration, then either we activate a buzzer when receiving messages, emails and any other notification, or we will not hear absolutely anything.


Amazfit Neo is really very small, but this does not mean too many hardware and software limits. On board, in fact, we find a BioTracker PPG able to keep in memory everything related to various physical activities and what concerns our health. Through various algorithms, in fact, it is able to automatically understand when we are running or, more simply, walking. Obviously, not having a dial with which to interact, as on real smartwatches, we do not find many compatible activities. Detect the walk outdoor running and bicycle but in case you want to carry out one of these activities, you will have to activate it directly from the app. Only then will the interface on Amazfit Neo be slightly modified, showing you the duration of the sport and the heartbeat. As long as this function is active, it will not be possible to scroll through all the others by clicking on the up and down buttons.

amazfit neo

During these days of testing I simply tried the walk mode and I must say that it works pretty well, reporting all the essential data on Amazfit Neo and, of course, on Zepp. With the latter, among other things, you will also have a much broader overview of all your data, not only those relating to your heart rate, but also on the steps taken, the calories burned and much more.

Amazfit Neo is a bit conservative in the calculation of the steps. In the sense that at the end of the day it always marks a 5-6% less than what was recorded, eg, with Mi Band 5. Despite this, it turned out to be quite accurate on the heartbeat, remaining in line with what was also detected by other smartwatches and wearables of the competition, such as Amazfit Verge Lite and Mi band 5. Also in this case, in fact, the automatic detection remains active 24 / 24h for every day, so it gives us a brief idea of ​​the state of health of our heart, both at rest and under stress.

Do not miss it sleep detection, which as far as I'm concerned offers precise monitoring. Looking at the times, in fact, I noticed a certain precision in this sense, guessing 9 times out of 10 when I went to sleep and, above all, when I woke up. Obviously, then, for all the necessary information it is always necessary to access the app, which in this case provides us with data on the REM phase and on the way we sleep during the night.


I haven't tried it so hard to be able to drain it, hence the battery from 160 mAh it seems to be able to offer an autonomy very close to that declared by the brand, of about 28 days. With all the functions active, the reception of notifications, the detection of the heartbeat active 24 / 24h, in my opinion you can easily cover 20 days.

Through its own charging base, to be connected to an input USB-A, this Amazfit Neo fully charges in 2 hours and 30 minutes. This, at least, is the data indicated by the company, since I have not yet been able to download it, then connect it to the current.

Price & Conclusions

Amazfit neo has a price of approx 34 € su AliExpress. At this figure, therefore, I believe that we can also grant ourselves this little gem. I was the first to believe it poco, really, but after a few hours with him I had to change my mind, because it is so essential and simple that you will not be able to fall in love with it. It is not a product, however, designed for everyone, but only for those looking for a device similar to a normal watch, but with some smart function. If you do not belong to this category of users, then, do not even take it into consideration.

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