Amazfit Band 5 review: with Alexa it is much better than the Mi Band 5!

Amazfit Band 5

Despite with the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 the Chinese brand has once again hit the target, many have not seen us such a significant upgrade since some features have been missing for some time and other devices dedicated to sports already possess.

An example is theAmazfit Band 5 which we will review in this article, which owns the SpO2 sensor for monitoring the level of oxygen in the blood and also integrates thevoice assistant Alexa. In short, all innovations that we would have already expected aboard the latest series of wearables by Xiaomi but that, on paper, make this wearable the true worthy successor of the Mi Band 4.

Will it really be like this? How did she behave during our tests? Let's find out together in the article!

Amazfit Band 5 review

Unboxing - Amazfit Band 5

The sales package is made of hardcover with photographs of the product and some specifications. Inside there is the following equipment:

  • Amazfit Band 5;
  • charging cable with magnetic pins - USB;
  • manuals.

Design and construction

From the point of view of the design practically nothing changes betweenAmazfit Band 5 and Xiaomi Mi Band 5 but, wanting to be scrupulous, they are noticed in the construction 4 small differences which will allow the most attentive eyes to distinguish them:

  • A slightly more oval display shape;
  • the microphone;
  • the oval rather than round "home button" design;
  • SpO2 sensor and difference in sensor distribution.

However, I tried to reverse the straps and they both fit very well in each other's shoes so you can buy the same ones. About the latter we find the usual excellent silicone solution, which did not cause me any discomfort even with sweat during sports and has different sizes for all wrists.

Amazfit Band 5

I talked about water and sweat because even theAmazfit Band 5 and obviously waterproof to 50 meters of depth, thus allowing us to swim and to record our data given the specific training.

Amazfit Band 5

Finally, the dimensions are of 47.2 x 18.5 x 12.4 mm for a weight of 12 grams.


Il remains aexcellent unit in color from 1.1 "HD (294 x 126 pixels) which integrates a soft touch button to return to the home and stop activities, as well as an anti-fingerprint coating with 2.5D curvature. Of course we can move around the interface thanks to swipes on the display.

Amazfit Band 5

The panel is perfectly visible even in direct sunlight thanks to a good maximum brightness di 450 nits, but in any case we can choose between ben 5 intensity. Personally at the same level theAmazfit it seemed slightly brighter to me, but otherwise we find the same excellent characteristics of the Xiaomi Mi Band 5, including the ability to choose between more than 45 watchfaces, animated and static.

La Customization dell 'Amazfit Band 5 it is a feature that should not be underestimated, because by changing the strap and watchface you will be able to wear it and adapt it to all contexts. The sporty soul always remains, but it is not certain that you cannot combine it with style with a beautiful dress.

In addition, the basic screens are “modular”, that is, in addition to the time, we can choose how to use the other two modules of the display, so whether to see the steps, the heart rate, the calories or much more.


Since we have introduced some very interesting features, I think it is appropriate to continue along this line and talk in more detail about the software. In fact, basically theAmazfit Band 5 and Xiaomi Mi Band 5 they own it same firmware with almost all the same features, but Huami he decided to do a fine job and offer some graphic customizations in the interface.

Looking closely at the menu you will notice some more accurate details on 'Amazfit and more in line with the other products of the house. In fact, there are more colors, more shades, images with fewer edges and more depth effects and more aesthetically beautiful animations, such as that of breathing.

Amazfit Band 5

With regard to notifications we find the same management of Mi Band 5, that is, we will be able to see them all, read the messages and so on, but obviously we will not be able to reply. Similarly, not having a speaker it will not be possible to answer calls (but only to hang up or mute) or listen to audio messages. We did not expect otherwise given the content panel.

Amazfit Band 5

For the rest we find many useful functions such as the weather, the notes, the management of the music in playback, the remote shutter for the camera on smartphone and, finally, Alexa.

This was the most anticipated feature ever on the Mi Band 5 which unfortunately did not arrive but which, fortunately, Amazfit has seen fit to integrate on his device to ensure a 'high level user experience.

For configure it just go up Profile> Add Account> Amazon Alexa> Log In With Amazon> Log In> Allow Access. If you need more support, I leave you the screenshots below, or our dedicated video guide.

With a few simple steps you can bring the voice assistant of Amazon on your little wearable e command smart devices at home, ask for translations, set alarms and countdowns, create shopping lists, notes and reminders, ask for various information, check the weather and much more.

Although some written in Italian appears on the screen, the language currently supported is English, but a multilingual update including will be present the Italian. So it is an announcement that can reassure all our readers who are not comfortable with English.

They switch to smartphone software, as some may already know, Amazfit migrated from the app of the same name to the app "Zepp". Graphics and some functional changes have been made, but basically we are talking about the usual excellent application of Huami which will allow us to carry out many operations Customization e management of the Amazfit Band 5, as well as monitor in detail our progress, activities and various data.

I recommend that you take a look at the screenshots I leave you in the gallery above or take a look at our video on YouTube in which we show the software a little more in detail.


In this sector we find another big point in favor ofAmazfit Band 5 compared to the Xiaomi Mi Band 5: the SpO2 sensor.

Amazfit Band 5

We will talk about this in poco, in the meantime we make a recap of the other sensors and features. Indeed, on board we find a heart rate monitor, accelerometer 3-axis e gyroscope 3-axis, sensor for the detection of sonnowhile it is absent for connectivity theNFC as it is absent on all other competitors (Mi Band 5 included).

Amazfit Band 5

Il sensor for detecting heartbeat can be activated 24/7 and will be able to warn us in case of anomalies, thanks to the improvement of the proprietary system BioTracker 2 PPG. In addition, there will also be a monitoring of the stress and practice breathing exercises to relieve the most tense moments, always very useful also for mindfulness.

The beating heart of sleep tracking is SomnusCare, i.e. the AI ​​engine with elaborate algorithms that allow greater precision in the measurements, also monitoring the daily naps for at least 20 minutes (or power nap, as I call them) and returning us the details on the REM phase in long sessions.

Let's not forget the support a Huami PAI (Personal Activity Intelligence), which is a facilitated system that will provide us with a evaluation of our state of health and training. In fact, instead of analyzing single measurements, PAI converts the information collected by the various sensors into a single and simple numerical score.

According to studies, having a PAI value above 100 means a lower chance of getting heart disease.

Comparing the measurements the two bands behave very similarly, there are few differences. So we find great accuracy for sleep, heart rate, and good accuracy for walking, running, and more. Obviously not integrating a GPS, Both the 'Amazfit Band 5 that the We Band 5 they will lean on the smartphone.

Speaking sport, on board we find well 11such as outdoor running, treadmill, stationary bike, walking, elliptical, rowing machine, yoga, jumping rope, swimming in the pool. All these are also perfectly adaptable for other types of outdoor sports.

I conclude by saying that the possibility of measure the oxygen saturation of the blood is a feature of great importance, so for so few euros of difference compared to the Mi Band 5 it could be the aspect that, even alone, can make us prefer it.

Also present is the system of monitoring of the menstrual cycle for the female audience.


Under the body of theAmazfit Band 5 we find one battery da 125 mAh which will allow us to have aexcellent autonomy despite the additional features that will require a greater energy expenditure.

In fact, with brightness at 4/5, monitoring of the heartbeat always active (one measurement every 5 minutes), burst notifications, use of Alexa, 1 hour of weekly activity, monitoring of daily stress always active and also that of the quality of breathing while sleeping, I consumed about the 10% per day allowing me to get up to approx 10 days of autonomy.

Amazfit Band 5

With the Mi Band 5 we are able to save a little more battery since there are no Alexa e SpO2, so in the same way, but without notifications, I consumed about the 7% per day, getting me to about 14 days.

In short, in the first case it was a very intense use, but if used more sparingly this'Amazfit will make you arrive safely from 15 days to go up.

Charging will be very convenient because it will take place through a magnetic base, therefore unlike the Mi Band 4 you will not have to remove the body from the strap. Obviously the cable can also be used for the Mi Band 5.

Conclusions - Amazfit Band 5

First I would start from the price, in fact, theAmazfit Band 5 is available at the official Italian store Amazfit, therefore with shipping in 24 hours, official Italian guarantee and all the advantages of the case a 44.90 €, while the price list Xiaomi Mi Band 5 is 39.99 €.

It goes without saying that for only 5 euros of difference the Amazfit while guaranteeing the same excellent performances, it offers us a sensor SpO2 and support for Alexa, what not poco! We can safely say that this Band 5 it is the real Mi Band 5 that everyone expected because it integrates novelties that make the difference compared to the 4 generation.

If you want to upgrade from Mi Band 2, 3 or 4 I recommend without a doubt theAmazfit Band 5. Similarly, if you intend to buy a super compact wearable to monitor your training data, this remains the solution with better value for money and that offers as many features as possible.

Should you wish to take into account the street price area of Xiaomi, this is around 28 € su GShopper with our coupon 8RMNPJYD17 which we also shared on our channels Telegram di GizDeals. Despite this I still believe that theAmazfit Band 5 is the best alternative for those looking for more completeness and more supporting data to monitor their health status.