Xiaomi Rivla 106 is the new gaming mouse with RGB LED, available on YouPin


As we know Xiaomi has in its catalog a series of accessories practically boundless. Obviously we are not just talking about smartphones but also about everything related to personal hygiene, home automation, cars, PC and much more. And it is precisely with regard to this last category of products that the Chinese brand always offers interesting solutions. Not least, therefore, that which sees the new gaming mouse, equipped with RGB LEDs, for sale on Xiaomi YouPin, that is Xiaomi Rivla 106.

Rivla 106 is an entry-level gaming mouse


Taking a look at this product, you immediately notice two things: first of all it comes out that on board this accessory there are several LED RGB and secondly, that it is a wired mouse. Two features that immediately make you think of a device voted for Gaming, but rather low-end.

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Reveal 106 It is made by SteelSeries and it just shows the company logo on the front. This was illuminated by several RGB LEDs which, moreover, show all their colors even in correspondence with the wheel placed forward. Beyond this, however, it is a fairly precise and accurate product, which can reach a maximum of 7.200 CPI. Thanks to its weight of suns 80 grams, then, it stands out as one of the most manageable mice on the market.

Xiaomi Rivla 106 is currently for sale on Xiaomi YouPin at a price of 189 yuan, therefore approx 24 € at the current exchange rate.

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