Xiaomi Mi Watch Color review: at 85 € (in English) it is ALMOST a best buy

Xiaomi has always been very attentive to her accessories, from all points of view. In fact, over the years it has launched an almost impressive number of devices on the market, not only in the world of smartphones. Among the many devices on the market, therefore, to date we also find the w and from poco, smartwatches. To be more precise, however, one of the first and true smartwatches produced by the Chinese brand is Mi watch color which, at present, is not yet officially sold here in Italy. How did he behave then? Will it be ready for our market already?

Xiaomi Mi Watch Color review


Taking a look at the sales package, we find a number of accessories appropriate to the product we are talking about. Here, then, we have:

  • Xiaomi Mi Watch Color;
  • USB-A unit for charging the smartwatch with proprietary system;
  • short instruction manual.

Design & Materials

It is not easy to find all information regarding this product on the Chinese official website. I can tell you, therefore, that its structure is made entirely of aluminum, both the front and the one that comes into contact with the wrist. From his, then, shows a standard circular dial, which houses a large da 1,39 ". Unlike many competing products, therefore, I must say that this component occupies practically all the space at its disposal, with the exception of the internal ring that marks the various "notches" for the time. In terms of dimensions, therefore, this Mi Watch Color measures 46,2 x 53,3 x 11,4 mm, with a weight of just 60 grams (including strap).

xiaomi mi watch color

Observing the structure carefully we notice the presence, on the right side, of two keys main ones that have a mirrored surface. Very nice, then, the glossy finish also on the front, which surrounds the structure of the smartwatch. Be careful, however, because this component is very fragile and prone to scratches. However, I did not have any particular problems in daily use, although the weight supported by this product makes itself felt, after a while, on the wrist. The strap in rubber which, in my opinion, is really too stiff. In fact, I would have expected a softer plastic / rubber on this structure, which would affect less in terms of comfort.

xiaomi mi watch color

We note how on the part in contact with the skin there are several sensors, including the one in charge of heartbeat detection. Through the app this can be set 24 / 24h and, even if we will see it better later, I must say that it works well. I also remind you that the strap has a standard closure that allows you to change it at any time with all compatible models. Xiaomi Mi Color Watch can also be immersed in water, resisting up to 5ATM. I was able to try it, in this period, only in the shower and, even in these conditions, it did not report any aesthetic and functional damage.


As we can clearly see, on board this Mi Watch Color we find a unit AMOLED da 1,39 ", with resolution 454 454 pixels x. Excellent color rendering, which shows bright colors and always clearly visible even in direct sunlight. Even taking advantage of its screen a lot, thus interacting with the various functions, I did not notice an excessive accumulation of fingerprints, even after several minutes. A sign that the oleophobic treatment of this front glass is more than satisfactory.

xiaomi mi watch color

Inside the interface we mainly move through gesture. Here, therefore, we can count on a very responsive panel that has never given me problems. In addition to all the functions allowed by the system, I would like to point out that here there are few even less graphic watch faces for thealways-on display. By default I would have expected a greater possibility of customization, already integrated into the smartwatch. As mentioned, however, you will not have any problems in direct sunlight, thanks also to a brightness sensor which automatically manages the display lighting quite well.

xiaomi mi watch color

Hardware & Connectivity

We do not yet know which component is driving this whole sector. Beyond what concerns the SoC, therefore, here we find connectivity, if we want, even rather limited, even if in line with the price range considered. We therefore have the Bluetooth 5.0, the sensor for detecting the heart rate, the barometer, the accelerometer, the gyroscope, the geomagnetic sensor and the brightness sensor for the display. There is also the GPS / GLONASS.

Although there are some software problems, which we will discuss later, everything works correctly. I used this smartwatch 24 / 24h, always with the heart rate sensor active, and I must say that the data shown is in line with those shown by other competing products such as Amazfit Verge Lite and Xiaomi Mi Band 4. Taking a look ia graphs, in fact, it seems that everything is normal, a sign that there have not been moments in which the clock has completely busted the measure for some reason.

I would also like to talk to you about how the GPS but, within the app, activity records are no longer available. So I can't show you the path that the smartwatch has traced while traveling. Despite this, however, I can tell you that the wait for the connection with the satellite is infinite but, I believe, that this problem is linked to the version of this product. It is, in fact, a model designed for the Asian market, which therefore struggles to provide data of this type in Europe. We will certainly try this functionality when we have an “Italian” product available.

Everything else seems to work fine, including the barometer which marks very precisely the various changes in altitude. Nothing to say, then, also on Bluetooth 5.0 which allows the wearable to communicate with the phone, showing notifications and much more. With NFC, it would also be possible to pay via AliPay but, at the moment, it is almost impossible to test it in our cities.


This topic too, perhaps, should be addressed later. At the moment, in fact, the Italian language is not yet present on this product, so you will necessarily have to rely on Chinese or English.

How to set up Mi Watch Color in English on Mi Wear, inside the phone?

Personally I did this: I set the English language on my smartphone and then downloaded the Mi Wear app that you can find at this link. This is a different version from the one you find on the Play Store and that allows you to recognize Mi Watch Color as well. Once configured, everything will appear in English or, at least, what it was possible to translate.

How to set the English language on Mi Watch Color?

You have to click on the button at the top right, awakening the screen and, then, one more time to enter the main menu. Subsequently it will be necessary to press, on the smartwatch display, on the last icon at the bottom, the gray one (scroll to get to the bottom). At this point, go back to the bottom and select the blue icon that shows the stick figure of a planet inside. Basically the penultimate option. At this point you can select the English language.

Beyond the technical aspects, seen poco ago, you move with several swipes. With a swipe down, from the main watch face, therefore, you access the list of notifications. With swipe to the right and left, on the other hand, it is possible to take a look at some main items, such as the consumption of calories, remote control of the music, the heartbeat, the sleep monitoring, weather, L 'stress indicator and quick payment through AliPay. By accessing the menu, however, we find the following items: workout, workout record, activity, heart rate, sleep monitoring, energy consumption, stress, breathing exercises, Mi AI, Card reader, AliPay, music player, alarm clock, stopwatch, weather, air pressure, compass, stock, notifications, find phone, flashlight, help, settings. Within the training entry, then, we have: outdoor running, treadmill, outdoor biking, indoor biking, free training, swimming, walking, climbing, mountain running.

Not all settings have been translated on theWhatsapp, therefore it is often difficult to interact with it. If everything is written in English on the smartwatch, the translations on the app are marginal. Furthermore, I was forced to uninstall the app itself more than once, due to continuous malfunctions of the latter, which did not allow me to keep the various daily activities in memory. I mean, of course, those relating to sports that I had deliberately recorded.

Fitness & Sleep

I must say that in some respects this product has proved to be very accurate and reliable. During the stages of walk, in fact, I was able to see how the heartbeat detection was quite precise, giving an idea of ​​the effort I was making at that moment. The number of steps was also precise, deviating poco from those recorded by Xiaomi Mi Band 4. Within a day, therefore, I did not notice a loss of data.

I wanted to bring you the real data but, at this point, I can only tell you that during a walk, for example, you will have the opportunity to see both the data relating to the heartbeat, the kilometers traveled and the distance, and the remote control of the music. With a swipe down, then, you will have access to other information, such as the average of kilometers traveled, of the steps, the calories burned, the cadenza, the step and the number of steps themselves, as well as the training status of a given instant.

Very accurate the sleep monitoring, at least as regards the time when you are able to fall asleep and that of awakening. What happens in the meantime is difficult to calculate but, in principle, we can be considered more than satisfied. Obviously on Mi Wear there will be the possibility to keep track of all these data, going to fish them out within the calendar, day by day. The percentages relating to light sleep, REM sleep and more will also be shown.


Under the body there is a battery from 420mAh which, most likely, is one of the best performing. I do not want to compare it with other competing and non-competing devices, also because it has not yet officially come out in Italy, but it has managed to get me over well 6 days of continuous use. Let's say that with an intense exploitation of all its features, including sport, you can easily reach over 4 days of use. It is therefore not one of the worst in this area, especially in its price range.

By placing the device inside its charging base, with the two magnetic pins, you will only have to wait a couple of hours to go from 10 to 100%.

Price & Conclusions

Xiaomi Mi Watch Color it is currently sold at approx 85 €. Taking a look at this figure, therefore, one understands that such a product has potential. Especially when it officially arrives in Italy as well. In fact, we find a whole series of functions that are difficult to find on a product like this poco expensive, which in any case features well-structured proprietary software. The interface is simple and intuitive, presenting really all the essentials and even something more.

Purchase link: https://bit.ly/2YtfZvr

At the moment I don't feel like recommending it, however, but not because the product is not good. With the app practically all in Chinese and with the risk of losing some data, as happened to myself, it is not really the smartwatch of your dreams. But it could become so very soon, especially since the value for money seems to be really good.

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