Vivo will launch a “magic” smartphone, with electrochromic glass: that's what it's all about


The latest patent of the Chinese manufacturer showed us some of the possible novelties for the brand, with a device equipped with a periscope and a two-tone back (with a nice look). However, it is still the patent and consequently it is not known if and when this device will see the light. Better to keep your feet on the ground ... or maybe not? Today Vivo presented a “magical” novelty: a smartphone equipped with a electrochromic glass, able to change color according to the user's needs. But how does this novelty work?

Vivo is planning a smartphone with electrochromic glass


The short clip shown by the Chinese company shows us the technology of Vivo with electrochromic glass (o electrochromic if you prefer) for smartphone in action. The device's camera is dimmed, perhaps not to show a brand new layout coming to new models. As for the video in question, you can find it below.

The purpose of this technology is very simple: thanks to the adoption of a electrochromic glass, manufacturers will be able to launch on the market "neutral" smartphones. It will then be the end user who chooses the color that best suits his needs; moreover it is possible to change color an infinite number of times and consumers will no longer be anchored to a single chromatic choice.

The panel uses an alloy of indium tin oxide, which is applied to the glass surface; this can to conduct electricity and applying low voltage voltage it is possible to change the composition of the molecules and consequently the colors. As explained by the same Vivo, this technology can be used to change the color of the back cover, but in the future it can also be used as a form of "notification" (changing color when messages, calls or when an alarm or reminder is triggered).

At the moment the Chinese company is not unbalanced, but the good one DigitalChatStation strikes again. The Chinese leaker has posted a video showing a smartphone with electrochromic glass in action, stating that this new technology will arrive during the 2021.

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