No Microsoft, Oracle will manage TikTok data in the USA

tiktok oracle technology partner data usa

When it seemed that the situation could end in a negative way, but above all that the only valid solution could be that of Microsoft, in these hours ByteDance has reversed the situation by taking one step away from the agreement with Oracle, which will manage the data of TikTok negli USA without displeasing anyone.

Oracle technology partner of TikTok: will manage the US data, but not the algorithm

tiktok oracle technology partner data usa 2

So how did the definitive solution come about? Quite simply, Oracle managed to make an offer to ByteDance really affordable for all parties involved. This is because it not only favors the two companies for TikTok, but also the will of USA e China. Such as? By becoming a commercial partner of the Chinese social network and not an owner for United States.

Indeed, in this role, Oracle will allow a ByteDance to still be the owner of TikTok, but will be the user data manager USA, just as he wanted not only Trump, but also how the China. The Middle country was totally against the sale of the social network to the Americans, putting the so-called "spanner in the works"To Western buyers with restrictions on thealgorithm founding of TikTok. With this solution, however, this algorithm will remain a ByteDance, but there shouldn't be any problems in the future.

But why the offer of Microsoft to TikTok wasn't it right? Precisely for this reason: the colossus of Redmond he wanted the social all to himself and this was not possible due to the various blocks between USA e China, although initially ByteDance agreed. Now the ball has passed into the hands of the two governments, but if that's what it sounds like, we'll finally have a point for a story that was starting to be long and tiring.

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