Telegram Down: the app doesn't work for many | September 25

telegram down

Telegram down: If you also use the now popular messaging app, you are probably experiencing communication problems. This is what happened today, September 25, after a few minutes users flocked to social media to report the annoying problem.

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Telegram down: malfunctions for the famous messaging app

Consulting the maps of DownDetector, it seems that the disservice is not limited to Italy alone, but is widespread all over the world. Especially in the area of ​​Northern Europe, while it seems that Asia and America are slightly affected by the Telegram down.


In my personal case, I cannot normally use Telegram from an Android smartphone, while the Windows PC app continues to function normally. There are also those who report an excessive slowness of the messaging platform, while continuing to work. Even changing DNS, it seems that the problem is not solved, so it will be necessary to wait for the system to stabilize at the source.

For the moment the developers have not expressed themselves on the matter, therefore it is not known what the nature of the problem is. It may be that this is an isolated phenomenon that will be solved in the next few minutes, if not hours, in the hope that it is not something much more difficult to solve.

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