Honor Watch GS Pro review: a sportwatch, with many more features

honor watch gs pro

It hasn't been long since our last review of a branded smartwatch Honor. In fact, I held it on my wrist for several days Magicwatch 2, an elegant and functional device, which has been able to convince me in practically every aspect. Honor, therefore, has decided to return to the market after a few months, in this 2020, presenting its latest wearable to the public, or Watch GS Pro, a real smartwatch designed for sportsmen. Will he be able to convince us? Find out within this Full review.

Honor Watch GS Pro review


Many, probably, were hoping to find something new inside the sales box of this device. At the moment, however, the brand always offers the same type of initial equipment, not even differentiating the packaging compared to MagicWatch 2. Inside the package, therefore, we find:

  • Honor Watch GS Pro;
  • USB / USB Type-C cable;
  • proprietary base for charging the smartwatch;
  • short instruction manual.

Design & Materials

Honor Watch GS Pro is made entirely of metal, although its surface is coated with a very particular texture that could immediately suggest the presence of a plastic material. When you take it out of the package, therefore, you immediately notice the sporty soul of this product, much more aggressive than that shown by MagicWatch 2. Even if our black version, the Charcoal Black, not the prettiest around, it still shows its character. More specific information on the dimensions of the product is not indicated, although the weight of approx 47 grams (including strap) is not so contained. Despite this, in daily use I found myself quite well, not noticing any particular annoyance.

honor watch gs pro

I want to point out to you how the strap, in this case, is equipped with the same texture that we find on the central case. I must say, however, that this accessory is not very soft, at least in this version in rubber. Especially during physical activity, therefore, it could be a little annoying. Let's see, then, how on the front there is an aluminum ring, very particular, that surrounds the entire display. On the two sides of the smartwatch, however, we have two red arrows drawn on the body, while on the right we find two physical keys, marked with a red finish. Taking a look at the back, then, in addition to the magnetic pins for charging we also have the sensor for detecting heartbeatas well as speaker of system and the main microphone.

honor watch gs pro

I would have preferred, perhaps, a strap characterized by more holes, able to dissipate body heat better. In fact, even after a short physical activity, this wearable fills with sweat, dirtying the entire surface a lot. No problem, however, because in this case Watch GS Pro has 14 military certifications MIL-STD-810G. Thanks to its solidity, therefore, it can suffer practically any type of abuse. This model, among other things, is also water resistant, up to 5 ATM.


On board this smartwatch we find a AMOLED display da 1,39 " with resolution 454 454 pixels x e 326PPI. Obviously the dial is round and, as on MagicWatch 2, the various watch faces can be customized. Nothing new, therefore, under direct sunlight, since with the maximum active brightness you can see this panel quite well. Excellent news, therefore, for all those who buy it for sport and to venture into some trekking in the mountains.

honor watch gs pro

It does not change the brightness maximum display, compared to the previous model, as well as the responsiveness of the touchscreen, which remains the same. However, I would have expected something more in this respect, making the ancota system smoother and faster. Under the body, however, it always beats a Kirin A1, which therefore can probably only offer this type of performance. However, I would not want you to misunderstand: Watch GS Pro is an excellent device and navigation within its interface is absolutely sufficient. Too bad that the front glass retains a little too many fingerprints.

honor watch gs pro

Hardware & Features

As mentioned, on board this model we find a SoC Kirin A1, the same component that we have already seen on the whole family of Huawei smartwatches and on Honor MagicWatch 2. Therefore, my consideration on this chipset does not change, which always proves to be responsive and stable. Thanks to it, in fact, we will be able to use a module Bluetooth LE 5.1 and GPS / GLONASS, so as to guarantee the most accurate localization system possible. Then we also find the function Back Route which, as on the best smartwatches on the market, allows you to follow the GPS track to the starting point. In both respects, therefore, I was satisfied with the performance obtained. From the point of view of the connection with our smartphone, in fact, we have no problems to report. Offering practically the same type of hardware as the other models, the coupling with the satellite is very fast outdoors, allowing us to activate any type of activity in an instant.

Like on MagicWatch 2, they find space here 4GB for the internal storage data and music. Any type of management of these parameters takes place through the official application, or Huawei Health, which allows you to upload up to 500 music tracks in the smartwatch itself, making us independent from the smartphone. In fact, we can also connect a pair of true wireless earphones to this device, without the need for any other support. Just make sure that the files you are going to upload to the platform are .mp3, otherwise you may not be able to upload them to the Watch GS Pro.

Do not miss the sensor for detecting the heartbeat, which can remain active 24 / 24h. I did not want to pay attention to energy costs, in fact, by activating continuous monitoring, in real time. After some tests, even with other competing devices such as Amazfit Verge and Huawei Watch GT 2, I was able to see how they are equivalent. Specifically, Huawei's model appears to be virtually identical to the Watch GS Pro, almost always detecting the same heartbeat. More or less the same similarity applies to voice calls and everything that concerns this aspect. Also in this case, in fact, we can answer calls directly from the smartwatch and the quality, unlike what you might think, is good.

Monitoring & Fitness

It is a watch designed especially for sportsmen, so some have been implemented on board outdoor more details such as climbing, golf, skiing and much more. As always, the Huawei / Honor group is one of those that presents the greatest number of options in this context, satisfying practically every type of user. However, I could not experience all the various activities present, besides the typical walking and running. From the data collected in the field, therefore, I can say that the performance is in line with what we had already seen on the Huawei Watch GT 2 and Honor MagicWatch 2. I believe that even the sensors, therefore, have remained the same, with some slight improvement only in the GPS which now seems to be slightly more accurate.

honor watch gs pro

The option that allows you to continue to work pretty well automatically recognize the sport we are performing. After about 5-10 minutes from the start of our activity, the smartwatch will ask us if we want to start counting steps, calories and, in general, to monitor the sport we are doing. When we give our consent, the counter will not start from scratch, since the smartwatch will have already kept track of our movements even before requesting the activation of the sports mode. I don't remember if it worked this way on the other models of the brand but, if it didn't, it's a great step forward.

Now we find more than 100 training mode, so I'm not here to list them all. Among the many, however, the most suitable for this device are those dedicated to climbing, trekking and skiing. With the latter, in fact, as with many others, it will be possible to monitor various interesting parameters, such as heart rate, calories burned, SpO2 which allows us to understand how much oxygen we have in the blood at a given moment, the minutes of training and much more. In the event that you venture into the mountains, then, the presence of a sort of built-in weather assistant will certainly come in handy, which through voice messages will indicate any changes in the climate.


On this Honor Watch GS Pro we find ainterface rich in colors and options, able to satisfy every type of user. This does not differ much from that proposed by other brands, such as Amazfit itself, going a little against the trend compared to WearOS. Obviously, then, also in this case we will have to use gestures to navigate the system. With a swipe down, therefore, you access the quick options, such as the "Do not disturb" mode, the "Alarm clock" and poco other. With a swipe to the left, you access the display of some information, including the graph relating to heart activity, weather, stress, control of music and a summary of physical activity. Always starting from the main quadrant, then, with an upward swipe you can directly access the notifications. On this smartwatch, in fact, it is possible to receive messages from any application, such as Whatsapp, Telegram, Instagram and much more.

However, there are also other options and functions, such as sleep monitoring, breathing exercises, the call log, barometer, la compass, notifications, the weather, the stopwatch, the timer, the torch, and settings.

Huawei Health

You will have to download the Huawei Mobile Services to your smartphone, even if you do not have a smartphone from the Huawei / Honor group. Thanks to them, therefore, it will be possible to make the best use Huawei Health, the main app that allows us to interact with our Watch GS Pro, downloading all data and monitoring our physical activity. In fact, we will be able to keep track of every type of graph, therefore the one relating to the heartbeat, the steps taken, the amount of oxygen in the blood, the hours of sleep and much more. Beyond this, then, we will have access to some options that cannot be changed on the wearable, such as notifications and messages.

Like other similar apps, this one features ainterface rather intuitive. Sometimes it is not easy to find some items, especially at the beginning, but later poco you get used to it anyway. The graphic part is well structured and the translations are also satisfactory, with no options out of place. I have never encountered any connection problems with this application, so from this point of view I absolutely recommend its use.


I don't know if you remember it, but on MagicWatch 2 the battery was 455 mAh. On this Honor Watch GS Pro it should attest to the 700 mAh more or less, guaranteeing 25 days of continuous use. I want to reiterate once again, however, that it is really difficult to be able to cover such a long distance, at least for me. It always depends a lot on how many sensors you keep active, the amount of sport, the number of notifications received and much more. With my use, therefore, always keeping notifications and sleep monitoring 24 / 24h active, I have not exceeded 14 days of continuous use. However, this is a considerable autonomy, but less than what I could theoretically achieve.

Price & Conclusions

Honor Watch GS Pro coast, currently, 199 € on the official website of the brand. At this figure, therefore, I believe that there is not much better on the market at the moment, especially considering all the activities present within this smartwatch. As always, therefore, Honor has managed to guarantee excellent performance at an affordable price for almost everyone, which allows you to bring home a real smartwatch, which lacks almost nothing. Although its operating system is rather closed, in fact, it still manages to satisfy the user, putting at his disposal only what is strictly necessary. Perhaps we could have expected a qualitative leap in this respect, even if from a certain point of view the software works very well and does not need any kind of upheaval.

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Constructively it is one of the most solid smartwatches I've ever tried. Sometimes it happened to bump into some furniture, but its surface was not in the least scratched. A sign that all the various components have been made with care and with really resistant materials. I therefore find this characteristic essential for a product of this type, devoted to sport at 360 °. If you love trekking, or any other sporting activity on this planet, give it a chance!