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In a sense, Blitzwolf it's a bit like Xiaomi. The Chinese company has now become quite known for the multitude of devices and products it manufactures and sells: just think of the portable touch monitor Blitzwolf BW-PCM3 (with HDMI, USB-C and HDR), or to the smart desk lamp with wireless charging. All devices designed with a precise idea, and characterized by an excellent value for money.

But the product we're going to talk about today is very different from all of these. It does not run on electric power, its heart is a hydraulic piston, and it was meant for increase productivity and concentration while at the computer, but also to avoid the onset of annoying back pathologies due to a wrong and prolonged posture: Blitzwolf BW-ESD1, a desk stand that is possible adjust in height and that includes a mouse and keyboard top, as well as a tablet stand. In short, it has everything you might need if you want to avoid the expensive expense of a height-adjustable desk, but is this really the future? And how comfortable is the system designed by Blitzwolf?

Blitzwolf BW-ESD1 review, the desk stand that adjusts in height

Package Contents

Heavy and bulky, the packaging of the height-adjustable desk of Blitzwolf is basically very simple. The support with variable height is practically already assembled, and it will only be necessary to fix the level on which the mouse and keyboard will rest with the screws and supports supplied. That's it: the rest of the desk stand is ready to use, including the hydraulic ram.

The size of the media from adjustable pneumatic desk is 83 x 42 x 49 cm and can support up to 13 Kg of weight in total, more than enough for a correct layout of monitor, computer, mouse and keyboard.

Design and materials

The structure of the Blitzwolf BW-ESD1 is made of steel with an X-shaped frame, the hydraulic piston is one, and on the left side of the support there is a handy lever with which you can adjust the height of the support. The operating concept is very similar to that of a desk chair: by putting weight on the main surface, the height will decrease, while without any concentrated weight the structure will rise. All with a very soft and easy to handle mechanism.

The surfaces instead are made of plywood, and the area in which the mouse and keyboard rest can support a maximum weight of 2 kg, the upper support level is more than sufficient in size to be able to support even the Xiaomi Mi Cureved Gaming Monitor 34 ", but the black coloring layer with which practically all the plywood is coated tends to get very dirty and is afraid of fingerprints.

The structure is too all in all solid, also thanks to the general weight of the support, and in our test we did not find any annoying noise, or creaking. In short, it is a good product, stable and decidedly massive: the presence of a small space in which insert a tablet or smartphone, or more simply pens, and the possibility of varying the height of the worktop from 12 to 49 centimeters they are a real convenience

Ease of use: is it really needed?

The trend of recent years is quite clear, and there are many companies that are investing in ergonomics in the workplace: just think of anatomical chairs or inflatable balls to sit on. And I must admit: I have always been rather skeptical about the real convenience of these solutions. But I often get up while working on the computer and say work standing, and not only to stretch the legs and back, but above all because in this way - and after many hours of work - this posture helps me to regain concentration.

So, is this type of media really useful? Probably, in the vast majority of the time you spend at the computer no, and you will continue to work quietly sitting on the chair, but after many hours spent at the computer have the possibility of being able to get up and raise the level of the work surface so that you can continue to be productive by avoiding sitting or with a badly positioned back it's a godsend. So yes, Blitzwolf's Variable Height Air Mount it is really functional and, among other things, it could help improve the organization of the desk itself, by hiding cables and making everything more orderly.

Conclusions and selling price in Italy

The selling price in Italy of Blitzwolf BW-ESD1 is $ 85,99 on Bangood with shipping from Europe, so with fast delivery and totally free of customs duties, but using our coupon with the link below, you can take it home 59,30 €: a more than interesting and decidedly economical price, especially considering the quality of the product.

In short, these types of supports are a godsend, and even if it is one of those products that one would hardly think of wanting to buy, once used it is no longer possible to abandon. If you then consider that these are much cheaper solutions than desks designed to be fully adjusted in height, and that the Blitzwolf support is even cheaper than other products in the same category, it takes poco to understand that it is a choice that is worth the expense, but only if you really spend the whole day on the computer.

Blitzwolf BW-ESD1 - Banggood

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