Redmi Note 7 and Note 8: confirmed, no Android 11

redmi note 7 redmi note 8 android 11

As expected, it did discuss the list of smartphones that will not receive the update ad Android 11, in which we find Redmi Note 7 e Redmi Note 8. Both released with Android 9 Pie on board, they subsequently updated to the latest Android 10, but they should stop there. Fortunately, the update to MIUI 12 has already arrived on both, but it is normal: UI updates are more likely to be released, even on past models.

23 / 11 Update: good news arrives for owners of Note 8, 8T and Note 8 Pro, with a change of course for Android 11. Find all the details in the dedicated article.

The update to Android 11 will not arrive for the Redmi Note 7 and Note 8 series, for the scorn of users

xiaomi android 11

Although it was an obvious prediction, several owners of Redmi Note 7 and Note 8 have complained about this choice, finding themselves unprepared for the classic Xiaomi update cycle. Just take a tour of the dedicated threads within the Mi Community to get a taste of the feedback received.

For us who know well the management of updates, especially of Asian houses like Xiaomi, it is certainly not a surprise. Mid-ranges hardly receive more than one major update, with only the top of the range usually having two. For example Xiaomi Mi 8, debuting with Android 8 Oreo and today with Android 10. Or even Xiaomi Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro, among the first to receive the initial Android 11 beta.

At the same time, we can understand the discontent of the owners of the aforementioned models, especially Redmi Note 8 having been launched only a year ago. Unfortunately it is the price to pay if you want to deal with the Android world, although the producers (especially Chinese) are slightly improving over time. Samsung has revised its policies, for example, promising Android updates for 3 years, including non-high-end models on the list.

Fans don't give up | Update 04/09

redmi note 8 android 11

During the month of August, a list of devices that will not receive has peeped out Android 11 and among these the names of Redmi Note 8 and older brother Pro. The thing did not go down to the fans of the two models, who got very angry (to say the least ...) and clamored to Xiaomi to retrace his steps. A mega thread has even been created in the official portal of Mi Community (you can find it here) in which the results achieved by the series are leveraged.

According to what Xiaomi itself reported, the Note 8 range would have reached the stratospheric figure of 30 million units sold worldwide. This is a number reported by the same company and which should make us think of greater care for users. The issue of smartphone updates is certainly controversial, but it cannot be said that the arguments of the Mi Fans are not convincing. We keep our fingers crossed and hope that Xiaomi changes his mind about Android 11 on board of Redmi Note 8 e Note 8 Pro. What do you think about it? Let us know in the comments!

Now it's official | Update 22/09

Nothing to do: the update to Android 11 for Redmi Note 8 (and Note 7) "there is nothing to do". If before it was only a suggestion, now it is practically official, with the moderators of the Xiaomi forum who have exposed themselves on the matter. The community's requests were answered as follows:

"Hey, Redmi Note 8 will not receive the update to Android 11. You will receive the one to Android 10, directly through the Updater app"

There is no explicit mention of Redmi Note 7, but it is obvious that if the update does not arrive on Note 8 it will not even arrive on its predecessor ..

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