Pamu Quiet review: the first with double active noise cancellation!

PaMu Quiet

Finally after a long series of standard TWS earphones and without any real distinctive features, today we have the pleasure of reviewing headphones with double active noise cancellation and with one of the most beautiful charging cases around. We are talking about the PaMu Quiet, which are currently sold at a very attractive price, but will all this be enough to make them a good product? Let's find out together in our full review!

PaMu Quiet Review

Unboxing - PaMu Quiet

The sales package is well made and very accurate and inside there is the following equipment:

  • PaMu Quiet;
  • charging houses;
  • rubber pads of different sizes (S, L);
  • soft case in faux leather;
  • USB charging cable - USB Type-C;
  • neck strap;
  • manuals.

In addition, those who buy the headphones during the opening period will also have the semi-rigid case in eco-leather it's a neck strap always of the same material.

Design and construction

Here I would start directly from charging houses because it is the most aspect particolare of the product. In fact, the PaMu Quiet are enclosed in a box of aluminum e synthetic leather which has a shape inspired by old pocket watches.

PaMu Quiet

La construction essere essere resistant and of good quality materials and with a simple press on the top button the box will open. Here you can see a rigid plastic coating (like aluminum) and, when the pamu will be inserted into the charging slot, the outer frame of the case will light up blue thanks to thin ones LED. In addition, we can also benefit from support for wireless charging.

La headphones they are made of plastic material di excellent workmanship and once inserted into the ear they will stay firm even in the most intense running sessions. Moreover, thanks to the elongated shape and the minimally invasive rubber pads, the PaMu Quiet they are comfortable even after several hours of use.

Analyzing them in more detail we find a body with IPX4 certification against water (sweat and rain) and dust, 3 microphones, a status LED that indicates the connection and a surface sensitive to touches, through which we can perform the following operations:

  • Play / pause: a tap on the right or left earbud;
  • Answering calls: a tap on the right or left earbud;
  • Reject a call: double tap on the right or left earphone;
  • Previous track: double tap on the left earphone;
  • Next track: double tap on the right earphone;
  • Voice Assistant: hold on the left;
  • Activate / deactivate ANC: hold on the right.

The reception of the touches is good and I have not encountered any particular problems during their use. It does not end here, however, as through the PaMu app it is possible to change the functionality of the headphones and among these we also find the volume management (we'll talk about this later).

PaMu Quiet

Absent unfortunately also the proximity sensor, so when we remove one of the two headphones, music playback will not stop automatically. On the plus side, though, we can use these PaMu Quiet also individually.

Connectivity and calls

Le PaMu Quiet have Bluetooth 5.0 with Qualcomm QCC5124 chip e AMS3460 with support toaptXAAC ed SBC. This makes them the earliest headphones with double chip for active noise cancellation, but we'll talk about that later.

To carry out the first connection with the smartphone it will be really easy, as it will be enough to open the case and the earphones will enter pairing mode. The next few times just pull the headphones out of the case.

PaMu Quiet

All this happens in a fairly short time but I have noticed that, even if they are connected, sometimes the audio comes out first from the smartphone speaker and then reaches the earphones. Also, as there is a master headset (PaMu Quiet L), the phone will try to hook up to that first, but sometimes it fails.

Turning now to latency I must say that they behave very well in the vision of film o video and there is no delay between sound and images, but in gaming we find the usual gap that is found with almost all headphones under 120 euros.

Turning instead to calls we have on board three microphones, which are able to guarantee good results in absence of noises, although the sound is not perfectly clear, but slightly muffled.

By metro or with loud noises there quality decreases and in these situations we manage to entertain calls, but with some more difficulties, while with less fuss there are no problems.

Audio quality and noise cancellation

Let's start immediately from the second aspect because, as mentioned previously, the PaMu Quiet they can count on well two chipsets for active noise cancellation, which range is up to i 40 dB.

PaMu Quiet

The results are good for its price range, because during music playback we will be well isolated from the outside, thanks also to the in-ear solution. Without music you will be able to muffle the noises a little, obviously it will not be like having earplugs, but in different situations they can help.

Returning to talk about audioinstead, the sound quality è very good, we find a right balance of frequencies with a perfect presence of bass. In fact, these are not exalted too much, guaranteeing a level listening for their price range.


The presence of a dedicated software is excellent news, as it could allow these headphones to better of fix some minor malfunctions on the connectivity side, as well as improving performance in the future.

However, at the moment the app PaMu Quiet hasn't been released yet (at least for Android), but we've got to see how it will work. Indeed, through it we will be able activate o deactivate the ANC or activate the transparency mode, manage the functionality of gestures e update the firmware.


The company has not disclosed in detail the battery capacity of the earphones and the case, but in any case the autonomy of the PaMu Quiet è good because in listening to music with maximum volume e ANC active I arrived at about 3 hours of continuous playback.

PaMu Quiet

This means that without noise cancellation and with average volume you can even get to 4 / 4.5 hours playback. Furthermore, the homes will guarantee us 3 total refills, bringing the general autonomy up to a minimum of 9 hours!

Finally, as mentioned at the beginning, the recharge takes place through the USB Type-C input, or, through a wireless base thanks to the support of wireless charging.

Conclusions - PaMu Quiet

Before summing up I would like to talk about price, because these PaMu Quiet are currently available on Indiegogo about 84 € with in bundle il strap and semi-rigid case in eco-leather and, according to the company, the first shipping stock should start as early as September 25th.

So how did these headphones look to me? I must say that from the point of view ofaudio and design / construction they convinced me, especially with the case similar to the pocket watch. Good l 'autonomy and double noise cancellation, but I would have expected a little more with the connectivity. Despite this, in some respects we can expect software fixes that actually do justice to these headphones.

In conclusion I think that 84 € as the price is fairly balanced, but if the company were to raise it up to 100 euros or more after the phase of crowdfunding then they would no longer be so convenient and it would be better to start evaluating something else.

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