OPPO's wireless fast charging arrives in the cars of the future

oppo fast wireless charging car flash adayo

If we look at OPPO, it is now recognized that it is a brand in continuous evolution and in constant development of innovation. one of the strengths of the brand is certainly the system quick charging, also wireless. For this reason, it was decided to bring it also in cars, thanks to the new partner ADDRESS, leader of the electronic components to auto.

OPPO: the collaboration with ADAYO will bring wireless fast charging in the electrical components of cars

oppo fast wireless charging car flash adayo 2

During the event Auto China 2020, OPPO announced the authorization to use its patent for the wireless flash charging ad ADDRESS, which is one of the largest suppliers for electronic parts in the automotive industry. This move is aimed precisely at expanding the various scenarios of application of the technologies of the Chinese giant and then integrating them in various sectors, in order to create a totally connected and increasingly broad ecosystem.

This is because the wireless charging is becoming, together with the rapid one, a daily tool, to bring it also in auto it will be for OPPO an important incentive to improve and optimize its technologies more and more. Not by chance, ADDRESS will use the powerful wireless flash charging Airvooc, which allows you to charge devices up to 40 W. In addition, the Chinese giant will undertake to update its solutions to adapt them to the increasingly present 5G connection, which requires a very high energy expenditure.

In short, OPPO tries to bring its users into the future, both with mass consumer products, and with technologies that help other market leaders in other sectors in order to create a world more and more enveloped inIoT.

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