Ninebot Balance Scooter Max is the new high performance sport electric Segway

ninebot segway electric sport balance scooter max kart xiaomi price

Ninebot, or better Ninebot Segway, is now one of the most popular companies in the Ecological Chain of Xiaomi. The electric vehicle manufacturer started with the type of electric balance scooter which today we call segway and presented a high-performance sports car called Ninebot Balance Scooter Max Sports Edition, to a price in line with the industry.

Ninebot Balance Scooter Max: Xiaomi's sporty electric segway can become a kart

ninebot segway electric sport balance scooter max kart xiaomi price 2

Judging by the new form factor sporty electric segway Ninebot Balance Scooter Max, we are faced with a valuable product with an adjustable aluminum structure, at least for the balance bar, from 1.3 to 1.8 m. In addition, an ergonomic steering is integrated with an included LED display to monitor the speed, which can reach up to 20 km/h. The steering it has a very high touch sensitivity and can be controlled easily.

As for autonomy, the electric sports segway Ninebot Balance Scooter Max of the partner of Xiaomi it comes up to 38 km, in its standard version. The engine da 4800W and battery they also have a cooling system advanced. But the gem of this segway is the possibility of integrate it with the kart kit of the same Ninebot and make it one mini racing car, with speeds up to 37 km/h and an autonomy of 25 km.

Il price to which it is proposed in China su the new Segway Electric Sports Balance Scooter Max of the partner of Xiaomi Ninebot is in line with this category of products, perhaps a little higher, because we are talking about 4499 yuan, which at the exchange rate corresponds to 551 €. No news regarding the arrival in the West.

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