MINIX NEO CG review, the USB-C HUB compatible with macOS and Windows

minix neo hub

Taking a look at some notebook present on the market, we often find a constant. Many, in fact, do not have many inputs / outputs, some of which are of fundamental importance. Reason why, therefore, in the course of these years they have carved out more and more space USB-C HUB which, with a single product, are able to offer unique versatility. Within this complete review, therefore, let's analyze the performance of this one MINIX NEO CG, which is compatible with macOS, iPadOS and Windows.



As on many other products in this series, we do not find many accessories inside the sales box. Indeed, in the package of this device there is space only MINIX NEO CG, without any type of instruction booklet. All the information, in fact, is contained on the back of the package, where the performance of the product is reported.

Design & Materials

Looking at the device from an aesthetic point of view, we notice a fairly clean and minimal design. It is, in fact, a parallelepiped in aluminum, with rounded edges, which along the side surfaces has several entrances. Despite being equipped, therefore, with various ports, this device only measures 90,5 x 56,5 x 15 mm. In addition to the logo on the top, then, I want to point out the presence of two colors on the market: Silver and Space Gray.

minix neo hub

Analyzing it in more detail, we see how this is equipped with the following set of ports: one HDMI capable of transferring images to 4K to 60Hz, a Gigabit Ethernet, two doors USB-A 3.0, a reader microSD, a slot for SD and an input USB-C which can only be used to power the notebook. At one end, then, resides the integrated USB-C cable that allows us to connect this HUB to our laptop. I must say that this component too, therefore, has a certain robustness and bodes well for the future.


In terms of performance, there really isn't much to say. I tried all inputs and there were no problems. This HUB can handle all sources well, even if connected at the same time. Specifically, in fact, I linked this MINIX NEO CG to my 15 ″ MacBook Pro from mid-2019 and I had no connection problems. I remind you, in fact, that this product is compatible with macOS, iPadOS and Windows, so it turns out to be quite versatile.

Taking a look at the results obtained with the internet, exploiting the Gigabit Ethernet, I can be more than satisfied. I use a 1GB Fastweb fiber on a daily basis which, however, I never fully exploit. In fact, there is a certain distance from the modem to my workstation, so I use two cables and a central switch, which disperses a lot of power in the middle. Usually, therefore, I am allowed to travel at about 500 Mbps in download and 200 Mbps in upload. This HUB is absolutely no exception, because with the tests carried out I managed to get to 506 Mbps in download e 168 Mbps in upload.

minix neo cg

Price & Conclusions

MINIX NEO CG it costs about 60 € su Amazon. In my opinion, therefore, it represents a valid alternative to all those HUBs that mount an SSD inside them. Anyone who already owns an external storage device, and does not need another one, may certainly prefer such a solution. There are many different doors, all contained in a small space. This product, in fact, can easily be transported on the move, taking up very little space in your backpack.

Last updated the 25 / 09 / 2020 16: 45

All those who own a latest generation notebook, with many Thunderbolt 3 inputs and little else, should have a product of this type available. Sometimes it can be absolutely essential, especially when you need to download some photos on your PC or surf the internet faster, using the Gigabit Ethernet input.