The Lanmodo Vast Pro car dash camera will light the way with night vision

lanmodo vast pro dash camera smart car night vision display

How many times, in adverse conditions such as dark roads or on days of pouring rain, do we need to see the best possible while driving? The solution to the problem, in this sense, undoubtedly gives it smart dash camera by night vision per car Lanmodo Vast Pro, which illuminates the way and shows you on his integrated.

Lanmodo Vast Pro: night vision, parking and driving in adverse conditions with the dash camera with car display

So how is the dash camera per car by Lanmodo Vast Pro night vision? It has a integrated IPS da 8.0" which allows you to view what the camera takes up to 45° e 300 meters in all conditions. The display transmits images in 1080p both in front and rear, so as to also act as a camera for the parcheggio. Also, you can record the driving route by storing it in one micro SD to 128 GB. This function allows you to report any collisions suffered by other cars.

lanmodo vast pro dash camera smart car night vision display 2

Lanmodo Vast Pro is a product that takes car viewing to the next level, because it achieves greater results than screens from 2" with images up to 480p black and white of the systems integrated in some cars, also shows the color images and the dash camera it doesn't matter if it's rain, snow or fog outside.

lanmodo vast pro dash camera smart car night vision display 3

But how much does this profit car accessory? The new dash camera with display and night vision Lanmodo Vast Pro has a high-end introductory price of 523 €, but if you will become Golden Member on the brand's website, you can buy the product with Micro SD da 128 GB only 168 € when it lands on Indiegogo in mid-October. All the details about it can be found at this link.

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