Huawei Watch Fit review: it has a virtual personal trainer!

Huawei watch fit

Presented a few days ago Huawei watch fit is the new wearable of the Chinese company that combines style ed elegance with a passion for it sport. In fact, in addition to being a device that can be worn on any occasion, inside we find a virtual personal trainer, plus support for 96 different training modes.

How did he behave during these days of use? Will autonomy and sporting performance be able to satisfy our needs? Let's find out together in our review.

Huawei Watch Fit review

Unboxing - Huawei Watch Fit

The sales package is made of white hardcover with the photo of the product in plain sight and inside we find the following equipment:

  • Huawei Watch Fit;
  • charging cable with magnetic pins;
  • instruction manual.

Design and construction

Il design it's one of the aspects best of this device which, although it was inspired byApple Watch, has been able to maintain its own identity thanks to the elongated case.

Huawei Health

This makes the watch be very comfortable to keep on the wrist, but this is also due to the size of 46 x 30 x 10.7 millimeters for a negligible weight of approx 21 grams (without strap). Personally, it annoys me to have wearable on my wrist at night, but with this I was able to sleep peacefully without even having the perception of wearing it.

La construction è solid and treated down to the smallest detail, but what drives me crazy about this Huawei watch fit and the Mint Green coloring of the silicone strap with case Silver in aluminum, which makes the sportwatch an accessory suitable for both contexts Sports and stylish. However, if you want to customize your device you can replace it with other official straps and change style thanks to the many watchfaces made available.

Huawei Health

To ensure that the case and strap were one, they had to insert clip to block the latter. One aspect that I did not like it so much because if you lose them you will no longer be able to attach the strap.

Huawei Health

On the right side of the chassis we find the power button, through which it will also be possible to access the menu and return to the main screen, while below there are only the pins for charging and sensors for detecting the heartbeat.

Finally, let's not forget that the Huawei watch fit è waterproof and withstands water up to 5 ATM deep, so it will be perfect for swimming in the pool or the sea.

Huawei Health


Il Huawei watch fit is characterized by a display AMOLED da 1.64 inches with resolution 456 280 pixels x (HD), screen-to-body ratio of 70%, density of PPI 326 and 2.5D curved glass.

Huawei Health

Thanks to automatic brightness sensor the sportwatch will be able to independently manage the intensity of the lighting and I must say that it works quite well, but in any case the minimum level is perfect at night, while the maximum guarantees excellent visibility in direct sunlight.

I remained fully soddisfatto also colors and definition, which reveal the quality of the product. In addition, it will be possible to activate a long series of customizations such as the many watchfaces, the always-on display, the auto suspension of the display and the rotation of the wrist to wake it up.

Huawei Health

The glass has received a good oleophobic treatment and, of course, touches are supported:

  • Swipe from below: notification menu;
  • Swipe from above: quick toggle menu;
  • Swipe left or right: we can see some information such as heart rate, stress level, weather, music playing, daily progress and sleep.

The latter is customizable within certain limits, i.e. these are the only favorites that we can insert in the quick menu, but if we want we can remove those that we do not need.

Hardware and connectivity

To move the Huawei watch fit a processor thinks of it DK3.5 + ST (and not the Kirin A1), flanked by 4 GB di internal memory and the software Lite OS.

I immediately start from the assumption that the 4 GB memory is not usable to save music on the sportwatch, but at the most it can be used for watchfaces, which can also be personal photos.

The device anyway it runs very well and there are no slowdowns or bugs of various kinds, on the contrary, the responsive software comes to our aid for good performances.

Huawei Health

As for connectivity and sensors, however, on board we find accelerometer, gyroscope, optical sensor for heartbeat, capacitive and brightness, as well as the Bluetooth 5.0 and GPS + GLONASS.

Thanks to this last feature it will be possible to use the Stand-alone Huawei Watch Fit for sports, so you can leave your phone at home and proceed with your outdoor workout.

Unfortunately, however, you will not be able to connect Bluetooth headphones, as it is not possible to save music on the device, nor to entertain calls due to the absence of the speaker, but you can still control the music being played and the volume. For the rest the Bluetooth works very well, I have never encountered disconnection problems.


Il Huawei watch fit is based on Lite OS, the company's proprietary software that we also found on other sports watches such as the Huawei Watch GT 2 and which is fully devoted to sport and not productivity (typical of devices with Wear OS).

The interface is very simple, with attention to the smallest details and intuitive, as we will be able to move within the various menus through swipes and with the physical button. Through this wearable it will be possible:

  • start training of various types;
  • monitor some values ​​on sports performance (in-depth and detailed data are available on the Huawei Health application);
  • measure heart rate, SpO2 and stress level;
  • manage music, check notifications, weather, timer, alarm, flashlight and much more.

Speaking notifications, these are displayed in full individually and you will not encounter any problem of double notification, overlapping of messages or other but, being a sportwatch, you will not be able to interact or respond in any way, but just read the messages. It is therefore not possible to play audio or view emojis or photos.

The app that interfaces the Huawei watch fit is the usual and excellent Huawei Health that we already know very well, which is Assessment from the point of view of data collection and production of graphics, both sports and sleep or heartbeat.

It will be possible to manage all the settings related to the sportwatch, change watchface and stay updated on daily progress. Later I leave you some screenshots, but for any other information you can see ours video review on YouTube.

Also, for those who own a smartphone with EMUI from 8.1 onwards it is possible to have even more functions such as lo remote shutter to take pictures directly with a click on the wearable. Unfortunately, several functions are not available for iOS.


After talking about display, design and software, we now come to one of the main goodies of the Huawei watch fit, or rather the sporty side.

In fact, as already mentioned at the beginning, the Chinese brand has integrated well 96 different training modes and a animated virtual coach which will provide us well 12 fitness classes with different difficulties from level 1 to level 4:

  • Level 1: Re-energized, Neck and shoulder relaxation, Whole body stretching;
  • Level 2: Workout Exercises, Quick Fat Burning, Strengthen Heart and Lungs, Tone Abdominal, Core Workout, Tone Legs and Buttocks;
  • Level 3: Abdominals of marble, Leg training;
  • Level 4: Advanced chest workout.

We therefore find a total of 44 demonstrations of movements that will help us train correctly and effectively. I very much hope that in the future Huawei ports of updates they add new lessons, because in this price range it is not easy to find similar goodies.

Huawei watch fit

Also, let's not forget i 13 guided running workouts (always divided according to the level of difficulty) definitely useful for those who are beginners and not, and the breathing exercises.

As for i 96 different sports I will not be here to make the list, as it would be too long, but know that it is present any kind of business possible and imaginable, from traditional sports to those in the water, in the mountains on the snow and not, up to dances of various kinds, yoga, martial arts, darts, laser tag and so on and so forth.

For each sport particular parameters are monitored and at the end of training we will be shown a series of measurements relating to heartbeat (also during swimming), burned caloriesdistance traveledtrend, the effect aerobic / anaerobic exercise and much more. Obviously it also tells us that for more in-depth data you can consult the app Huawei Health.

Huawei watch fit

The collected measurements are pretty accurate and often you won't even need to take your smartphone, other than to see your weekly progress. Furthermore, these are improved thanks to algorithms with proprietary AI such as Huawei TruSeen 4.0 for the heartbeatHuawei TruSleep for the sonno and Huawei TruRelax for stress.

Finally, let us remember that we can also measure the level of oxygenation of the blood (SpO2), but take the results more as a general indication, as it is not a medical device and it cannot be 100% accurate.

Excellent i sedentary lifestyle reminder which also invite you to do some stretching or office exercises.


Under the body of the Huawei watch fit we find a battery from 180 mAh, which allows us to have one very good autonomy. In fact, with heart rate detection always active, automatic brightness, many daily notifications, 3 hours of training I arrived at about 8 days of use, but if used more sparingly it is possible to exceed even i 10 days (e.g. turning off continuous heart rate monitoring).

Huawei watch fit

La recharge it is also quite quick because it will take approx 65 minutes to go from 0 to 100%, the only problem is that, by recharging through the magnetic pins, you will necessarily have to use the proprietary power supply.

Conclusions - Huawei Watch Fit

During these days of use with the Huawei watch fit I found myself very well, the display is excellent, the design is perfect in all contexts, it has elegant lines, but a sporty soul, it is light, comfortable and integrates a virtual personal trainer. In short, for those who want a wearable able to monitor their workouts without sacrificing style, then they have found the perfect product.

For those looking for a device voted for productivity then it should tack a product with Wear OS, because here the focus is mainly on sport. Likewise the users iPhone they may find some features cheaper than those who have Android and, above all, theEMUI.

How much? The Huawei watch fit is available on Official site a 129 € and with a special promotion activate up to October 20, 2020, which also includes the Huawei Smart Scale (the company's smart scale) e 1 month subscription at the McFit gyms which have offices in almost all of Italy.

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