Huawei Mate X2 as Mate 40: launch postponed due to the US

huawei mate x2

The folding category currently suffers from little competition, especially when you consider that Huawei Mate X2 it won't come soon. Already the first model did not enjoy great availability, between the lack of Google services, the price not within the reach of many and the limited edition. However, curiosity is a lot, given that the Mate X / XS sported a look with a high appeal compared to the more embryonic Samsung Galaxy Fold of the time.

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Huawei postpones the launch of Mate X2, but there is a risk that it may not arrive

We did not yet have a time window for Huawei Mate X2, but a year and a half after the launch of Mate X at MWC 2019, a possible presentation was expected by the end of 2020. Maybe together with the presentation of Huawei Mate 40, a bit like Samsung did with its Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G.

According to insider Ross Young to officially see Huawei Mate X2 we will have to wait at least for 2021, due to problems arising from US restrictions. The same should happen right to the aforementioned Mate 40, both of which came in a particularly unfortunate period for the producer. Not only has the Covid-19 pandemic brought the tech sector to its knees, but the US ban has meant that Huawei you find yourself with few stocks of components.

Fortunately the Mate X2's display will be produced by Visionox, one of the few screen manufacturers that has not (yet) been hit by the American ban. But the general production difficulties, combined with the brand's diminishing appeal, could imply excessive risk for society. Hence the choice to postpone its launch, even if at this point it will be necessary to understand if Huawei will be in a position to produce it, this new folding.

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