Verified calls arrive by default on the Google Phone app

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Google has finally decided to please its customers with regards to verified calls: in fact, from its app Telephone the feature is now available Verified Calls for all smartphones Android, which will then avoid spam calls in a secure way for privacy.

Verified Calls: Verified calls now available for all Android phones using Google Phone

But how does the function work then Verified Calls app Telephone of Google? Quite simply, a company that intends to call a customer or potential customer has to send their information to Google for verification. So when that company calls us, it sends its number, our number and it purpose of the call Big G's servers, which will immediately send them to the Phone app. At this point, if the information matches what the caller sends you, it will be one verified call.

Also, this function imported from Google app Telephone of all devices Android, and therefore more only sui pixel, is based on the total protection of the privacy. Such as? By removing our number from the server within minutes. Furthermore, the colossus of Mountain View claims not to collect any data of the information received to make the call verified through the service Verified Calls. In all, the verified badge reassures the user about the reasons for the call, because it is synonymous with the authenticity of the calling company intention.

In any case, Verified Calls can be disabled, as verified calls are set by default, using the settings following this procedure: Phone> More> Settings> Caller ID and Spam (or Spam and Call Screens)> Disable. This useful feature, especially for users Xiaomi, it is added to the other for the call recording.

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