Eufy HomeVac S11 Infinity review, Anker's cordless vacuum cleaner is powerful and has two batteries

What are the most important characteristics to evaluate in a cordless vacuum cleaner? The power, the handling, and the quality. All characteristics of the most famous Dyson vacuum cleaners, or the now popular Roborock, Dreame or Jimmy. But what if we told you that there is another brand that can guarantee the same features, at a cheaper selling price?

È Eufy, a sub-brand born under the protection of Anker based in Shenzen and founded by a former Google engineer who, in addition to the many IoT devices, also produces excellent wireless vacuum cleaners able to compete with the most famous brands and guarantee a value for money more than adequate. And the new Eufy HomeVac S11 Infinity is the most obvious example: 120 Aw of suction power, two batteries removable with excellent autonomy and a motorized brush equipped with LED lights to illuminate the floor. But will it be able to withstand the competition?

Eufy Review HomeVac S11 Infinity

Package Contents

Like all the other exponents of its category, the contents of the packaging of theEufy HomeVac S11 Infinity includes most of the accessories necessary to ensure a very dynamic cleaning. Of course, compared to the offer of other brands, perhaps the number of brushes that are supplied with the purchase of the cordless vacuum cleaner might seem slightly more limited, but in reality, however, everything you might need to make the most of the vacuum cleaner is included in the sales package.

Review Eufy HomeVac S11 Infinity wireless wireless vacuum cleaner anker cheap amazon quality price power accessories

Here is the contents of the package:

  • HomeVac S11 Infinity;
  • wall mounting accessories;
  • floor brush;
  • AC charger;
  • flexible metal hose;
  • long crevice tool;
  • 2-in-1 crevice tool;
  • motorized mini brush;
  • extension hose;
  • soft rotating brush;
  • Additional lithium battery.

And already from the packaging, without even turning on the vacuum cleaner, you begin to notice a detail that could be extremely useful, especially for those who have a large house or who regularly forget to recharge the device: the second additional battery.

Design and build quality

With a weight of 1.50 Kg, it is almost impossible not to connect the design of theEufy HomeVac S11 Infinity to that of the most famous Dyson vacuum cleaners. And no, after having tried several, I am convinced that it is not a simple "copy", but one technical necessity more than clear, due to the type of technology with which the suction is created. But in theEufy HomeVac S11 Infinity this “similarity” (and the quotation marks are a must) is not meaningless, on the contrary: the company's engineers have designed the design with cunning, creating an aesthetically very valid product that transmits solidity and ease of use.

Much of the structure is made of plastic, there is the classic trigger to give away the suction, but the "Hold" button is missing to be able to vacuum without having to hold down the appropriate button and, above all, a display or any other way to be able to check the suction mode activated. The choice of power is possible via a gray button located in the upper area of ​​the device, but it would have been convenient to have (if not a display) at least some LEDs with which to control the active mode. A little bad.

Review Eufy HomeVac S11 Infinity wireless wireless vacuum cleaner anker cheap amazon quality price power accessories

Il HEPA filter it is positioned in the rear area of ​​the vacuum cleaner and is easily removable, as well as all the other components of the product, including the battery which integrates three bright LEDs with which you can check the charge status.

Review Eufy HomeVac S11 Infinity wireless wireless vacuum cleaner anker cheap amazon quality price power accessories

Thumbs up for the too motorized main brush, which is large and integrates two small wheels with which cleaning will be facilitated. The head is foldable and allows you to reach even the most difficult corners, where the central steal could make it more difficult. This is different from what happens in the vast majority of competing products, with theEufy HomeVac S11 Infinity it is possible to replace the brush as needed: two come out of the package, one with very soft bristles and designed for parquet or fragile surfaces, the other more rigid and able to eliminate even the most stubborn dirt.

And then there are even the LEDs that, let's face it, at first glance they might seem pretty tamarri, but which in the end proved to be very useful even with the house in broad daylight and perfectly lit: in this way you will not easily leave dirty areas and you will be able to realize if a double pass is necessary.

Review Eufy HomeVac S11 Infinity wireless wireless vacuum cleaner anker cheap amazon quality price power accessories

On the other hand, the wall support is not very convincing, and not only for the stability of the clips to which to connect the various accessories (which are rather dancers), but for the total lack of a pass-through socket for the charger, which will make everything more inconvenient and will make it necessary to connect directly to the power supply: it's a real shame, because there will always be wires in between and everything will be less ordered. And it is even more so especially because it is present automatic shutdown when fully charged, designed to preserve the life of the battery cells. But ok, probably those of Eufy have aimed at this solution because, given the double battery, you may often need to recharge the secondary: recharging is in fact possible even if the battery is not connected to the vacuum cleaner.

Operation and user experience

Given its nature, all it takes to make it work is to pull the trigger andEufy HomeVac S11 Infinity will begin to aspire. There are three suction modes, and the most powerful one is able to guarantee a power of well 120 AW (with a 350 watt motor), which isn't bad. And even if I'm not the kind of person who vacuum cleans every day, even with medium power I must admit that I was quite surprised by the work done by theEufy HomeVac S11 Infinity, especially in the aspiration of dog hair, which often get stuck under the desk or even on carpets.

Review Eufy HomeVac S11 Infinity wireless wireless vacuum cleaner anker cheap amazon quality price power accessories

The weight is decidedly reduced and the dimensions are more compact than average, and while this compactness makes theEufy HomeVac S11 Infinity definitely a lot manageableon the other hand it involves an important compromise: the size of the tank is slightly lower compared to that of other products in the same category. There is a maximum filling limit which, should it be exceeded, will negatively affect the suction power.

Fortunately, however, the release system of the entire vacuum is very good and with quick and essential procedures you can disassemble any of its components, including the filter system that can be washed simply under running water.

Review Eufy HomeVac S11 Infinity wireless wireless vacuum cleaner anker cheap amazon quality price power accessories

In short, also thanks to its relative silence (emits 75 dB), theEufy HomeVac S11 Infinity it has proved to be a decidedly reliable and dynamic product, with which it will be possible to clean practically any surface and in any way using the various accessories included in the package.

Battery Life - Eufy HomeVac S11 Infinity

That cyclonic cordless vacuum cleaners all carry the heavy burden of battery life is a fact. Everyone, absolutely everyone, can guarantee a few minutes of use at maximum power, and even if in theEufy HomeVac S11 Infinity this sad reality is confirmed, it must be admitted that the work done by the company's engineers in terms of energy management is more than enough: at maximum suction, the vacuum cleaner is able to work for 8 minutes with a single charge, while at a minimum for over 40 minutes.

Review Eufy HomeVac S11 Infinity wireless wireless vacuum cleaner anker cheap amazon quality price power accessories

And there are two important things to consider. First of all, the presence of the second battery in the package doubles cleaning autonomy that you could also have, at medium power in our tests we were able to clean an environment of with a single charge about 200 square meters. And the result is not bad at all, especially considering that at medium power, you will be able to pick up the most common dirt.

Charging times, on the other hand, are average: to go from 0 to 100% battery, it may take well beyond 4 hours connection to the power supply supplied.

Price in Italy and considerations

The price in Italy ofEufy HomeVac S11 Infinity is 299,99 euros on Amazon, but through a discount coupon it will be possible to take it home at 219,99 €. A price that is more than suitable for the product in question, which significantly raises the bar in terms of value for money.

But be careful: to be able to take advantage of the promotion, you will need to use the link below and click on "Apply coupon 80 €".

Review Eufy HomeVac S11 Infinity wireless wireless vacuum cleaner anker cheap amazon quality price power accessories

All in all this is a good quality wireless vacuum cleaner, with a retail price more than adequate to its characteristics and which distinguishes itself from its competitors not only for the presence of the double battery, but also for the convenience of the main brush (with excellent wheels and equipped with LEDs), the lightness and easy handling of use, as well as the power suction.

Too bad, however, that there is no display or any way to control the active suction mode, and that the charging base on the wall is not equipped with a pass-through system for charging. In short, these two details would have been Cherry on the cake.

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