Dragon Touch K10 review: an 80 € tablet that sells well on Amazon, will it be worth it?

dragon touch k10

It is often forgotten that in the technological field, in the space of a few years, things have changed a lot. To date, therefore, we take many things for granted, including the level of quality achieved by different smartphones, and more. Taking a look at all the latest generation devices, in fact, we certainly also find the tablets which, year after year, continue to raise more and more doubts about their real usefulness in some fields. Despite this, some brands have almost made it their strong point, see Apple.

There are, however, many other companies that in this sector systematically try to propose something new, at a price perhaps lower than an iPad Pro. It could therefore be the case of Dragon Touch K10, the tablet that is literally depopulating on Amazon. I will therefore try to explain the reasons for its success within this one Full review.

Dragon Touch K10 review


Taking a look at the sales package, we notice how part of the product design is shown on the front. Beyond this, however, inside the box we find:

  • Dragon Touch K10;
  • wall-mounted power supply with European socket;
  • USB / microUSB cable;
  • short instruction manual;
  • warranty certificate.

Design & Materials

Although the price is one of the lowest on the market for a product of this type, I would have expected better quality. Observing this tablet well, in fact, we notice fairly marked frames and an external structure made entirely of plastic bags. Some points show a few too many smudges but, ultimately, it is on the front that we find the biggest problems. It almost seems, in fact, that the coating of the front glass was made of plastic. Already with the naked eye you can see some imperfections and, above all, many bending of the front panel along the side edges. These, therefore, do not bode well for the future.

dragon touch k10

In terms of dimensions, this Dragon Touch K10 measures approx 240 x 175 x 9 mm, With a weight of 522 grams. We are in the presence of a product that, therefore, is quite handy and can easily be carried in any self-respecting backpack. We are only sorry that the plastics are quite cheap, giving the idea of ​​being in front of a very cheap device. Beyond this, however, at the level of doors and entrances, on this device we find, on the right, the button ON / OFF, volume balance, audio jack from 3,5mm and the main microphone.

dragon touch k10

The entrance is located on the upper part Micro USB for charging and port micro HDMI. Turning the tablet 180 °, on the other hand, we arrive at the rear profile which, in addition to the company name, also shows two silver-colored bands, also in plastic, that run along the entire horizontal axis. In the upper part we notice the presence of one camera, assisted by the single LED flash, while two have been inserted further down system speaker and a compartment containing the slot for micro SD.


We have also talked about it previously, but I would like to go deeper into this topic. As mentioned, therefore, the side frames offer a very strange effect, due to the plastic layer that covers the entire front surface. Beyond this, however, we have a unit from 10,1" with resolution HD (800 x 1.200 pixels). It's not one of the best panels out there but, without a doubt, it's more than satisfactory for a product of this type.

dragon touch k10

We do not have colors too bright or rich in contrast. Here, in fact, this IPS matrix display returns fairly dull shades, with whites that tend too much towards yellow and blacks that, in every situation, turn out to be very poco deep. You then notice a certain distance between the display and the top surface, as if the panel is much lower. Most likely this feeling is justified by a real positioning of this component in this position, even if this does not seem to affect too much on the reactivity of the touch screen. In daily use, in fact, I did not notice any particular problems in this respect, responding quite well to commands. The biggest problems are noticed in some more particular apps, or for example in games, where responsiveness is everything. Here, in these cases the poor accuracy of this panel comes out.

This product belongs to a very low price range, therefore in addition to the selfie camera positioned at the top, we do not find other fundamental sensors. Or rather, almost all the most important sensors are present at the end, except that of brightness. We will therefore have to manually set the brightness of the panel in the different light conditions.

Hardware & Performance

After trying this tablet for a few days, I decided to take a look at the reviews left on it Amazon.it. I must say, therefore, that I have found numerous food for thought for the review of this product. Many users, in fact, have amply confirmed my impressions: it is a product devoted mainly to younger children, perhaps, or to those who want to have fun on the sofa watching some videos on YouTube and playing some more frivolous titles and poco challenging.

After having made the right premises I can tell you that a SoC resides on board this unit MediaTek 8163, therefore one Quad-core CPU with configuration 4 x 53GHz ARM Cortex-A1,3. This, then, is accompanied by itself 2GB RAM e 16GB of internal memory. I remind you, however, that the space for internal data storage can be increased via micro SD. So how does it behave in daily use? Given the selling price, less than 100 euros, I never expected performance better than those expressed by this product. With a little patience, in fact, you can perform practically any operation. From a certain point of view, however, we must also deal with a speed of execution that is not exactly lightning-fast, which sometimes forces us to have to wait longer than necessary.

I have downloaded several applications on this tablet, but the physical limit of 16GB is no longer bearable. The use of an external micro SD will therefore be almost inevitable. Beyond this aspect, however, you could also take advantage of the usual three or four most important applications, especially those dedicated to multimedia content. Although the image quality is definitely not up to par, it is still possible to use Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney + and much more.



This Dragon Touch K10 proposes Android 9 Pie, with security patches dating back to 5 October 2019. It is, therefore, a rather dated version of Android that could have already been updated. Despite this, however, within this tablet we find all the Google apps, with related active services. Obviously we are dealing with a stock solution that has not been customized in the slightest by the manufacturer.

As mentioned previously, moving around this interface requires some more waiting time, especially when opening some system app. You will certainly not have the same fluidity that your latest generation smartphone can guarantee, but also more dated.

Camera & Video

dragon touch k10

On board this tablet we find two photographic sensors, one posterior and the other anterior, from 2MP. In the video dedicated to this product, which we left you at the beginning of the article, I said that I would show you the images taken by this Dragon Touch K10. There really is poco, however, to show. I believe that such software has some problem in managing brightness, as all photos are completely burned. More than once I have said that this device is at ease indoors and the photographic performance seems to confirm this. Both with the rear and front cameras. Beyond all, however, the quality is not excellent even within friendly walls, showing a high photographic noise and very dull colors.

The performance returned in the field is certainly better video. During some videoconferences, on Skype or Whatsapp e Zoom, the device performed very well, returning a quite satisfactory image. Added to this is the fact that discreet audio is played from the microphone.

Audio & Connectivity

Taking a look at the design of this product, on the back we find a double stereo speaker. Don't be impressed: the quality is very low. I find that on a device of this type, mainly devoted to multimedia, this component is fundamental. I would have liked, therefore, a different positioning of the two speakers and a much better audio. Even at maximum volume, however, it feels quite low, showing non-existent bass and a predilection for high tones. At times, then, the sound is almost annoying and tends to return some distortion.

About the connectivity we are, however, on a good level. Here, in fact, a module finds space Wi-Fi a single band which, despite the expectations, works well even in the usually most difficult parts of the house. There are not many specifications reported on the official website but, among other things, we also find the Bluetooth 4.0, FM radio and GPS. I must say, however, that trying Google Maps the tablet took about 30 seconds before opening the whole map, with all the various places of interest. It is clearly not, therefore, a navigator on which to rely absolutely.


Under the plastic shell resides a battery da 6.000 mAh, or at least this is what is stated on AIDA. In fact, on the official website, I have not found any data regarding this aspect. In spite of everything, with a standard use, playing some videos on YouTube, some episodes on Netflix and playing titles a little lighter than usual, I always scored at least 6 hours of active screen. Obviously this is a tool that is used with a lower frequency than a smartphone, so this data could vary a lot depending on the use made of it.

A power pack wall, with European socket, from 5V / 2A. This takes approx 3 hours by reload the tablet completely, always via the microUSB port.

Price & Conclusions

Dragon Touch K10 is currently being sold on Amazon.it at the price of 89,99 € in the 16GB version, the one that in the end I recommend buying. Moving on to the one with 32GB, however, it will be necessary to shell out about 129,99 euros, even if there is currently a coupon of about 30 euros on Amazon. It is, therefore, a rather low figure which, after all, is in line with what is offered by this tablet. We could not have had a better experience at this figure, except for the materials and assembly on which the brand could have devoted more attention.

As previously mentioned, this product is aimed at those who don't expect much from such a device. Although the video quality is not the best, it turns out to be one of the cheapest products to take on a trip, perhaps not to miss any episode of your favorite series on Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. Do not buy it, however, in case you need a portable product with which to play or interact precisely with the screen. The less you use the touchscreen for precision work, the better. If you are a lover of YouTube videos, movies or simply TV series, you will not need to spend more than what you would spend by purchasing this product.

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