The Xiaomi JIMMY JV83 cyclonic vacuum cleaner at the best price from Europe | Coupon

Xiaomi JIMMY JV83

JIMMY is one of the main brand partners of Lei Jun's company and when it comes to cleaning products at a super low price ... well, there is no need to add anything else! The cyclonic vacuum cleaner Xiaomi JIMMY JV83 is offered at an even more delicious price thanks to the new one code discount by Banggood: the device drops to an all-time low Europe and shipping is free!

Xiaomi JIMMY discount code JV83: the cyclonic vacuum cleaner drops to an all-time low from Europe

Xiaomi JIMMY JV83

Equipped with a highly efficient digital motor - from 100.000 rpm and with a power of 450W - the cyclonic vacuum cleaner Xiaomi JIMMI JV83 offers a suction capacity of 20.000 PA, with a noise level of 82 dB. It is an economical and efficient solution with autonomy up to 60 minutes thanks to the 2.500 mAh battery pack. The container has a capacity of 0.5 liters while thanks to the ergonomic design with an angle of 65 °, the low weight (1.5 kg) and the brushes supplied, it will be possible to reach all corners of the house, even the most difficult ones.

Xiaomi JIMMY JV83

The cyclonic vacuum cleaner JIMMY JV83, made by one of the main partners of Xiaomi, is available at an all time low thanks to the discount code dedicated, with shipment free from the European warehouses of Banggood. Below you will find the link to the purchase and the coupon to use: if you do not see the box correctly try to disable AdBlock!

Xiaomi JIMMY JV83 - Banggood

Cyclonic vacuum cleaner 20000 PA - Shipped from EUROPE

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