The ANC is low cost with the TWS Elephone Elepods X headphones on flash offer

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Le Bluetooth wireless headphones have now become essential for many users who do not give up both listening to music at all times and remain comfortable. Better if these headphones have useful active noise cancellation, like the Elephone Elepods X, TWS ANC headphones from price low cost in lightning offer su Gearbest.

Elephone Elepods X: TWS ANC headphones with a lot of battery, Bluetooth 5.0 and IPX5 certification are on offer on Gearbest

discount code elephone elepods x offer headphones tws anc bluetooth 2

- earphones we talk about in this article incorporate many others in the design in-ear of the same carat. Bad TWS ANC headphones di Elephone they are really very interesting, thanks to their hybrid active noise cancellation system, but also a nice battery from 50 mAh for earphones e 500 mAh for the case, which guarantee up to 7 hours of continuous listening and 30 hours of listening with charging base.

They are also equipped with Bluetooth 5.0, as well as comfortable touch controls and IPX5 certification ideal for protecting them from drops of sweat. Also, the latency when gaming or when watching a video is guaranteed to be very low.

new ANC TWS Elephone Elepods X headphones come up Gearbest on a flash offer at the excellent price of 43.75€, definitely lower cost than other competitors in the category.

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