Chuwi UBook X review: the cheapest convertible PC with 2K display

chuwi ubook x

It is not the first time that we have tested a product of this type. For several years, in fact, this series has become almost a classic for Chuwi, who therefore decided to launch a new device. Today, therefore, we will talk about Chuwi UBook X, the new PC convertible with touchscreen and Windows 10 Home which could be very useful, especially at this stage. Any student, or an employee who suddenly finds himself working from home, may need such a solution. So let's see what this computer offers within ours Full review.

Chuwi UBook X review


As usual, the sales box is supplied only with the bare essentials. On board, therefore, we will not find the digital pen, as well as the keyboard. These two accessories, in fact, must be purchased separately. Inside the package, therefore, we have:

  • Chuwi UBook X;
  • power supply, with European socket;
  • pre-applied plastic film on the front glass;
  • short instruction manual, also in English.

Design & Materials

Taking a look at this device, it almost seems to be in front of a much more expensive product. The entire external body, in fact, is made of aluminum, as well as it stand. Unlike what one might think, therefore, the latter component is quite resistant, although it does not provide the stability adequate to such a product. In our case, however, the lack of an integrated keyboard is also felt, which would certainly have made the structure much more stable. Beyond this, however, from the constructive point of view we can be considered more than satisfied. In terms of dimensions, then, this convertible measures 292,19 x 207,89 x 9 mm, a weight of 780 grams.

chuwi ubook x

Looking better at the position of all the ports relating to connectivity, we find the entrance on the right side USB Type-C, a door USB-A 3.0, a microHD input and the power hole. On the other hand, however, reside the audio jack 3,5mm and the input for microSD. On the upper profile, then, there are the on / off button and the volume rocker, while on the front frame, between the front glass and the aluminum body, two microphones have been set. Opening the stand, on the back, we notice the presence of two speakers, one on the left frame and the other on the right. There are also the front and rear cameras. At the bottom we have, finally, the connectors for the physical keyboard.

In daily use it has proved to be a very flexible product, but poco handy. Even though it weighs less than 1 kilogram it is still difficult to manage on some occasions, making it comfortable only on a desk. From this point of view, then, the integrated keyboard would have solved many problems, precisely in terms of stability.


Unlike many other competing products, a IPS da 12" with resolution 2K (2.160 x 1.440 pixels), with 340 nits. What is even more surprising, however, is the form factor in 3:2, which in fact makes it much easier to use even vertically, showing a surface that is always sufficiently large. Taking advantage of it every day, even for work, I must say, however, that I have not noticed a substantial difference with other similar products. And I am referring precisely to the quality of the display which, although it has a high resolution, failed to convey that feeling of superiority that other panels of this type have been able to give me.

chuwi ubook x

Despite everything, we are talking about a convertible that can safely be used for watching movies and TV series, as well as videos on YouTube. Although the frames are not that small, the view is quite wide and they allow us to enjoy the whole diagonal well. I remind you, then, that this panel is toushcreen, supporting well 4.096 pressure levels. It would be perfect, therefore, in combination with a digital pen, such as Chuwi's HiPen H6, which however is sold separately. We could not, therefore, test it. Beyond this aspect, I don't think the performance would have been exceptional, since the whole system does not return a fluidity at the top. Sometimes the touch screen turns out to be rather cumbersome and slow, not following our touch perfectly.

chuwi ubook x

From a certain point of view, this product can be used to the maximum only indoors, indoors. When you are out in the open, the reverb on front glass it becomes excessive and it is not possible to work well in direct sunlight. Being a convertible, therefore a product also voted for use on the move, I might have expected an anti-reflective front glass. To its detriment, then, we also find an absolutely insufficient oleophobic treatment, which immediately contributes to filling the display with fingerprints.

I'll just talk to you for a moment about stand on the back, which is quite sturdy and allows you to tilt this screen up to 145°. Even this component, however, is made of aluminum and integrates two very effective magnets, which make it adhere well to the metal frame.

Hardware & Performance

This Chuwi UBook X has a chipset Intel Celeron N4100, so a 14nm quad-core processor with a base clock frequency of 1.1 GHz and turbo boost up to 2.4 GHz. As I often reproach products similar to this one, this is a not too recent solution and which inevitably affects performance. Just to make you understand better: this processor, a Gemini Lake eighth generation, is now released in the third quarter of 2017. All this, however, is accompanied by 8 GB di RAM LPDDR4 e 256 GB di SSD storage, without neglecting the presence of Windows 10.

Beyond what the benchmarks can say (which you find in the next paragraph) this convertible can only perform the most basic operations. It's fine, therefore, for all those looking for a device that can excellently manage Excel tables, the whole Office package, YouTube, streaming services such as Netflix and poco other. It will be really difficult to effectively edit some photos via Photoshop or create videos. It is absolutely not a product designed for this type of work, so do not expect anything. All the graphics, then, are managed by a GPU Intel UHD Graphics 600 with a maximum clock frequency of 700MHz which, that much, fails to offer. In this respect, therefore, you will not even be able to play video games in a dignified manner on some of the most famous titles such as Asphalt 9 o Modern Combat 5.

I was not too surprised by the speed of the internal memory, which still remains in line with the SSDs mounted on other similar products. I was pleasantly surprised, however, by the temperature shown during stress tests, which never passed one average of 65 °. This, therefore, is a positive note, especially in terms of autonomy. I remind you, in fact, that we are still talking about a fanless machine, which therefore cannot count on the efficiency of the fans placed inside the body.



Obviously he could not miss at least Windows 10 Home. We all know this operating system very well, so I don't want to bore you by telling you about a system that most of you actually already know. I can tell you, however, that everything works correctly even on this convertible PC, with constant updates and with all the typical functions of the product made by Microsoft.

Even on this laptop are present all the rights of Windows, being able to manage the system as on other similar products.

Connectivity & Audio

Lacking all the information on the official website, I tried to shed light on the sector relating to connectivity using the various hardware benchmark and test apps. From here, therefore, I discovered that on board this product we find the Wi-Fi ac Dual Band, with which I have always managed to navigate quite easily, even in the most critical points of the house. There is also the Bluetooth 5.0, the support OTG and audio jack for headphones. Each of these components convinced me, so in this respect the device is promoted.

There are only two speaker present on this product and are placed on both sides of the PC, just below the stand. When we go to place the device in a vertical position, therefore, and we open the stand, these two components will be able to unleash all their power. From a certain point of view, however, it is not that they are endowed with an excellent quality. They are perfect, in fact, for watching a movie or a TV series, while almost completely lacking in bass and therefore presenting a sound poco full-bodied. At maximum volume, however, the audio is all in all satisfactory, not distorting the frequencies.

There is no need to focus too much on photo gallery, although on this PC there are two sensors: the front one from 2MP and the one placed on the back from 5MP. It may seem strange to you, but I would have preferred to enjoy a better quality on the front sensor, which on Skype or Zoom would certainly not have hurt. Despite this, it is still possible to work on this device, even in video call, restoring just enough quality.


Under the body there is a 38Wh battery, therefore 5.000 mAh. It is not huge but still allows you to stay on good levels, guaranteeing a decent autonomy. Continuously exploiting the device I totaled poco less than 6 hours of continuous use, using only Netflix, some Excel sheets and poco other.

Charging times are also discreet, but not exceptional: in almost 3 hours you go from 10 to 100%.

Price & Conclusions

Chuwi UBook X costa, in the standard version without keyboard and digital pen, poco less than 400 € su AliExpress. In case you want to add the keyboard, then, you will have to shell out about 430 euros, which will become about 470 for the complete package (including digital pen). We remind you, however, that until September 16 there is a promotion on this product, also on AliExpress, which brings the price down to about 340 euros. Find all the details in the link below.


Chuwi UBook X is available on AliExpress. Buy it now!

More Less

As I have often told you in these cases, you need to know what you are going through and what you really need. If your needs are mostly related to the multimedia side, then watching videos, movies and poco else, then this product is probably the one for you. In case you are looking for a good compromise between performance and autonomy, also pushing on the editing and modification of images, I suggest you look somewhere else. Chuwi UBook X it follows exactly the performance provided by its other competing products, equipped with the same type of hardware, so don't expect anything more than what it offers.